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A really bad trip

I figured, hey I’ve done this before, no big deal, and I bought an eighth of shrooms.

I figured, hey I’ve done this before, no big deal, and I bought an eighth of shrooms. The only problem is, I made the terrible mistake of grinding up the shrooms with a coffee grinder and mixing it with a liquid and downing it all at once. I would have been able to handle the 8th if I had just eaten them normally, but no, I was a dumbass and thought this way would be better. Little did I realize that taking the shrooms this way didn’t allow my body time to digest the shrooms and the entire trip hit me at once instead of slowly.

7:00 in the morning

I mixed the ground up shrooms into a cup of dr. pepper and drank the entire thing. It wasn’t that bad but there was a disgusting after taste in my mouth and I wanted to throw up right there. I told myself that I wouldn’t throw up though.


I became slightly dizzy and got a stomach ache so I ate something and then I felt better for awhile.


I noticed patterns on the walls and began to enter a dream like state similar to when you smoke a large amount of marijuana.


I lied down on the floor because I found it very hard to walk and I started to shiver but also laugh at the same time. There were 3 dimensional kaleidoscope patterns on the walls and on everything I looked at. I put on some trance music and it caused the patterns to intensify.


I began to experience extreme hallucinations. My arms literally looked blue and purple and I completely lost my sense of touch as my entire body went numb. Minutes later, my stomach began to feel awful and I thought I was going to throw up so I tried to go to sleep but when I closed my eyes, I could vividly see images that made no sense and hear sounds and things that weren’t there. I then started thinking about life and wondered why I was here.


My friend who was also there with me was on shrooms, thought it would be funny to scare the living fuck outta me by pointing a gun at me (it wasn’t loaded I found out much later) and that made me so scared cause he was also tripping and I thought what if he accidentally pulls the trigger? It would be over for me and I wouldn’t even know it. His hands were shaking and I was yelling at him to put the fucking gun away before someone gets hurt. Then he started laughing and I honestly thought that it was the end for me right there and I ran out of the room and went into the bathroom, locked the door, and sat there and almost wanted to cry. I realized that I had no control over my thoughts or my body and wanted out of the trip because I couldn’t take it any more. But there was nothing I could do cause the trip hadn’t even reached its peak yet.


I’m still in the bathroom, sitting here, feeling sick to my stomach and kept telling my self that I was gonna be okay, but that just made things worse and everything around me seemed like it was attacking me and there was nothing I could do.


I threw up everywhere, but at the time I was tripping so hard that I had no idea what had happened. I couldn’t make sense of anything around me and I thought I got shot. There was vomit all over my clothes and the floor but I couldn’t comprehend that I had just thrown up. I sat there for awhile still unable to make sense of the situation and wondered what that stuff all over the floor was. I was so scared and all the stress I was feeling multiplied and I actually began to accept the fact that I was going to die right there. It was a feeling so terrible that I can’t describe it. I yelled out to my friend “What the fuck happened!?!” well, at least I thought I yelled, I just imagined me yelling as I lied there in my vomit unable to move. I sat there, just staring at the wall for maybe 40 minutes not knowing what had happened.


My friend walked in to use the bathroom and saw me lying there. Apparently he fell asleep right after I ran into the bathroom when I thought he was going to shoot me and had no idea what had happened to me. I heard him say “holy shit are you okay dude?” but when he talked, it sounded like he was a million miles away. I had my eyes open but I was in a different world and not even aware of my body or anything around it. I could hear every word but I couldn’t respond and I just lied there. I forgot most of what happened during this period, all I know is that I was really sad and I still had no idea what had happened and I was laying there shivering.


I then attempted to walk, still not aware of anything that had happened, and noticed that I had thrown up everywhere. I looked at myself in the mirror and my pupils were SO big, I thought, theres no fucking way I could go near anyone like this. My left pupil was actually larger then my right and it stayed like that for the rest of the day. I still didn’t have my sense of touch back yet either and I bumped into things when I walked and somehow got the vomit cleaned up even though it had already dried.


I really wanted to just sleep and wake up later and not have any effects but it was impossible to do. I looked over at the thermostat and noticed that it was 82 degrees in the house and I was shivering and had like 3 blankets on top of me. I finally got to sleep and I remember that I had really fucked up dreams but I forgot what they were about.


When I woke up, I somehow got on the floor, and noticed that my hands were really numb. I went for a walk but I had to wear sunglasses cause sunlight was so bright that it was hurting my eyes. Colors still looked brighter and more vivid, but I was able to make sense of everything. I probably would have been able to handle the trip if my fucking friend didn’t point that gun at me, but I still don’t think ill ever drink an 8th ground up like that ever again cause the trip hit me so hard it was probably equal to eating a 1/4

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