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A Peak At Dawn

lately for the past couple weeks shroomings become somewhat of a ritual for us here.

lately for the past couple weeks shroomings become somewhat of a ritual for us here. for about a month now my partners and i, every friday, have been consistently trying to push our trip experience where novelty is that which we seek, relish and adore.sometimes we achieve psychic passages,nonsense gibberrish, other times just plain bummers, but all in all we always slip back inside that warm tissuey, safe strongholdlike womb known as being. we never go over the level 3 or 4 tripwave cause the vibe is too good for us to shatter and it woudnt be appropriate for us just yet to reach that otherwordly revival. i will not report these past experiences for it would be unfair to the others and as i said before it is a rituality. instead i will report on a solo flight i took during the thanksgiving weekend because i believe i should.

heres the scene, for the thanksgiving weekend my mother my sister and my grandfather decide they want to go to some small fishing town in baja califonria called san felipe. if anyone been there they would that it is a small unadulterated indian/mexican fishing town backed up by infinite desert and the sierra nevada or whatever those moutains are. for the trip i brought 9 medium sized freshly dried p.cubies for consumption.and so it begins: getup at 3:30am dump the shrooms down my throat, chased with coka cola. take a cold shower to let the blood flow more freely to the brain. 3:45 out of the shower and immediate light headedness surge upward. outside of our hotel (EL CORTEZ) i decide to take little walk and check out the beach and shoreline. WOW the sand is wriggling and it just fine with me but im shivering like crazy, usually i get that familiar feel on onset but i got the the chills instead this time. 4:00 sit inside my jeep and have a cigerrete, audio hallucinations and visuals are starting to blend into one another, like the palm tree in front of my parked jeep would swerve very slowly and take the form of some aztecian sculpture. as it did this i had this ringing in my ear which sort like a baloon when you restrict the outer air flow, quite nervewrecking. 4:10 decide to take a drive, plug in my cd LOVE FOREVER CHANGES with its brass orchestrated back ground to give the trip a sort of spanish feeel with an over obvious tinge of the colors to come. drve my dreamy ass out of town, shroom trips and spanish billboards is quite a site to see, into that nature scene. 4;25 still dark out and it seemed to be like a very surreal dream, i thought i had hit my peak SHIT nope it just got heavier and heavier. spanish architecture definately fits the shroom trip. 4:50 plug in the grateful dead athem of sun, stars are falling eveywhere alright and the horizen of the ocean on my right blazed in a scaterring of orange, on my left the desert sands and plants take on a scene so deeply brain damaging it sears the inner side of my soul, releasing what was then and revealing what was now. 5;15 change cd pink floyds piper at gates of dawn, well the the peak as usual quite hazy revealed the suns cycle and effects on everything and all, pink floyds album, lots of unpoken language in it, perfectly accented the morning feel to life, soon trucks roll down the highway their light spewing rainbows in spectrum of such delight at the contact of other people which seemed so long since it had been. an orange atmosphere white sands saguaro cactus and other plant life had been bestowed and summoned into the sacred alienlike other sidelike grounds that belongs to mother earth not in a pink slip. I had paid hommage and gazed mouth agape at the reality the beauty of barren wasteland desert which can only be seen with the eclipse in the eyes of the beholder. Around 7:00-7:30 took a piss,the highway road had grown grass, mother nature shall reclaim all that is hers as she had done with myself. i recomend to everyone to see what the ancient tribes of mexico saw even within the distortion of reality. PEACE

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