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A one way ticket to hell...

We've all heard stories about how tripping alone is a bad experience.

We've all heard stories about how tripping alone is a bad experience. My story will let you decide. I'm an avid weed smoker, so hallucinogens aren't really my thing. I'm not a big guy 5'6, 135 lbs, and even though I smoke marijuana all the time, I still get high as hell as if it were my first time. I'd tried 'shrooms once before, where I ate dust at the bottom of a bag, and a stem. My first trip had ended quickly when we ran into authorities. Well, now we go into the story:

My day was long, I had classes, and now it was late in the night, about 7 or 8, I don't remember. I ventured upstairs to my friend's dorm, and sat down, only to find that he picked up a 3 ounces of mushrooms at a nearby college. I had some money, so I asked him how much would be enough to have a good trip. He told me a half-eighth would be enough and to make it even better, I should take some vitamin C caplets, so I forked over the cash, and watched him weigh it out on the scale... oh, the night was young!

After buying my shrooms, I asked my friend if he wanted to trip with me. He told me "Yeah, that'd be fucking sick! Let me get my wallet, I'll be right back" And, in a few moments, he was back with a bag of goodies for himself. I ate my half eighth quickly, and downed it with some mountain dew. My friend Jim ate his half eighth as well.

I sat there for a good 15 or 20 minutes, waiting... tick tock, tick tock... still nothing. I went out into the hallway, where I found Ross, the burnout. I saw him munchin on some pills of some sort, and asked him what they were. "Oh these... Vitamin C man... I'm gonna be tripping, so these badboys only make it better! You want some?" Even before saying yes, he gave me two caplets. I ate them. Now, I knew shrooms didn't kick in right after eating them, so I decided that mary jane might be able to help me out. I asked Jim if he wanted to smoke, and he told me that he was cool, and didn't really feel like smoking. I'm not a jerk when it comest to people not wanting to smoke, so I was cool. Jim told me he would wait for me to come back from smoking. I went down the hall to my friend who I bought the 'shrooms from, and asked him if he was down to puff a few bowls. I had some weed already, so I didn't need to spend anymore money. He said he had nothing planned, so we went down to his car, and the ride had just begun...

Now, approximately 30-45 minutes had passed after I ate the 'shrooms, and now we were in his car. I had the body effects going now, and I was sitting in the back seat. I felt the greatest sensation in my back. I was ignoring the minor cramps I was feeling in my back. The sublime that was playing while on the burnride extremely intensified everything. My campus is really woodsy and by a lake, so the roads we went on were all forested. I remember sitting, and packing his bowl, and staring at the bright colors that almost seemed to put me in a stunned state. After my first few hits, the mushrooms had worked their magic. We had puffed 2 or 3 bowls by now, and I reached back into the bag of weed, remembering that when I looked at my hand, It had morphed into a massive weed nugget. I burst out laughing. I was no longer in the same world as the driver and passenger... I remember the conversation they tried to have with me was almost inaudible. I recall seeing the trees and the darkness, and hearing voices talking to me... The trees appeared as if they were melting, the dark brown and green colors left me almost paralyzed in the back seat. The voices that spoke... I have no recollection of what they said.

Now, 2 hours had elapsed. After the burnride, I sat in the backseat, feeling a difficulty in getting myself up. I felt as if I was a part of the car. But, I shook my head, and got out. I remember when I shut the car door, and looked down, the pavement, and all the rock particles seemed as if they were breathing. Walking back inside, I remember walking to my friend Jim's room... only to find he wasn't there. Oh no... That was my first thought. Jim was gone. I was going to trip alone. This was bad news.

I immediately walked out of his room. But, before I could go anywhere, I felt like I lost touch of reality. I looked at the plain beige wall ahead of me. All of a sudden, I saw clouds all around me, and felt as if I was floating. Walking back down to my room, I remember walking past a couple, Justin and Shira. She asked me a question, but I heard a dog barking. I looked around, and asked her if she heard it. Suddenly, her face morphed into that of a Great Dane. It shook its head around, and said "God is watching." My eyes widened, and I walked into the bathroom.

I remember seeing my eyes, and the pupils completely dilated. The mirror suddenly started to melt. The pearly color of it was a mix of all different hues. I remember standing infront of the mirror, just fixated on all the different colors I was seeing. I don't know how long I stood there, but I knew I lost touch with everything. I felt as if my soul had left my body, and I was seeing everything in a godly perspective. I walked over to the stall, to take a piss. I knew I would miss, since I was tripping balls. From how far, I don't know! I looked down into the toilet, after finishing everything, and pulling up my fly, to see the water. I touched the walls of the toilet stall, and looked back in the water. I felt engulfed, as if I had been taken in by the toilet into a different dimension. There was water all around me, but for some reason, I wasn't drowning. I looked around, and saw endless water, and colors melting, and changing forms. But a voice broke my dream.

I was startled, and it was my roommate. He asked me how I was doing, and he told me later on I told him I was tripping my balls off, and I was in a different world that he couldn't understand. I looked back at some graffiti that was tagged on the bathroom stall, and the ink melted, and dripped down, and I saw it form a black puddle on the ground. I walked back to my room, and my roommate wasn't there. I flipped on the lights, and sat down. This is where hell broke loose. I looked at a paper I had written, and saw the word "Death" on it. This is what triggered it all.

After reading that word, I was gone. I sat back in the chair, staring at the white wall infront of me. I remember cherubs, and angels carrying me, in this weird, dark twisted place, that was meshed of purple, blue, and black. I crawled into my bed, and thought that I was dying, and going insane. I speak another language, and my roommate told me later on I was switching between english and the other, and I had said "I feel like I'm a towel being rung out to dry.", and I closed my eyes, and stayed in a half awake-half asleep state. I don't remember what happened after that, except waking up in my bed.


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