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Fun in a Chevy

I brought two eighths of shrooms with me to a two day party in a ranch in Yosemite.

I brought two eighths of shrooms with me to a two day party
in a ranch in Yosemite. I ate 2/3 of one eighth, and gave
the other third of the eighth to this girl i met the day
before who had never done shrooms before. My best friend
Steve split an eighth with this other guy Mike, who had done
shrooms hella times before-- i met him the day before as
well. Me and Steve had only done it once, and we both
liked it, but we both only had level one trips with just
real objects movin around and shit, without any hella crazy
visuals or any real "mental" ie thinky trip.
After we took the shrooms we drove down to these tennis
courts that were in the middle of a huge empty valley in
between some fat hills and mountains. We were throwin a
frisbee, and screwin around with tennis balls and such for a
while, and then we all got tired of it and just chilled. I
started to feel my shrooms and got hella playful and wanted
to climb this fallen tree. I did, and i was bein hella
risky and tryin to walk up it without usin my hands. My
balance was off and i could feel it yet i tried anyways. i
then thought that wow, i probably look like some immature
idiot to these people i just met, so i decided to come down
from the tree. On my way down i didnt use my hands either,
and ended up falling, but i caught myself on the tree before
i hit the ground... i then jumped into hella bushes and
walked through them til i was out... gettin all dirty of
course. I then started to feel funny and kinda self
conscious so i put my hands in my pants and walked around
all rigidly... my friend steve noticed, and he kept sayin
tellin me i looked rigid, kept sayin 'rigigidity'-- he was
feelin the shrooms too, and was gettin all playful but was
hella commenting on the bad attributes people had. It was
kinda dick. He kept makin fun of this girl cuz she had
spots on her arms, and he was pointin out my chapped lips
and my rigidness, and was just hella makin fun of poeple...
it wasnt cool. But nehow he stopped doin that and we went
back up to the ranch house at the top of this fat hill.

We went inside the house and the ten people inside were
hella CHILL and were all watchin football or something...
one of the guys had to leave so he wanted my AOL name and i
tried to write it down on his pad of paper and OMG my
writing looked like i was six years old it was all over the
place, it was crazy... then steve took the pen and was like
"whats this" and i couldnt explain it for some reason so he
just started drawing all over it... the guy didnt know we
were shrooming and was like 'uhm sure u can draw on that"

NEHOW the shit really started hittin me and i started havin
all these profound thoughts and i knew i wanted to go
somewhere where i could just trip out to some music, so me
and steve went to his chevy tahoe and turned on my orb cd,
the one with 'fluffly lil clouds' on it and all that good
stuff... we both layed back in our seats and just couldnt
stop laughing and smilin, we were havin a great time... then
these two girls came in the car and so we took all the
backseats out and chilled in the back of his car with

I lied down on my back, grabbed hold of this girls foot and
just held it in my hands. With my other hand i was just
feelin the car seat in front of me, the carpet, the ceiling,
the window.... i felt like i was part of them... i had my
head lying on a tall glass cup and kept swinging my head
back and forth while giggling hella high pitched and smiling
and philosophizin... the words "experience" "direction"
"options" "agenda" "goals" all had significant roles in my
thoughts... i had some profound thoughts in which i found
much meaning, but itd take too long to tell u... nehow I
tripped my ass of and it was tight i was in a completely
seperate world in my head and didnt reply to neone who
talked to me... it was like drifting in and out of the

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