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A new Definition.

Sup guys this is Shockey.

Sup guys this is Shockey. This trip report is 2 weeks old so bare with me.

This all started when my buddy said let's Go camping. witch we do almost every weekend. until it gets to cold. anyway. we got ahold of 2 8ths of mushrooms witch were supposed to be awsomly good. but we had yet to verify.

we had the 8ths for 4 days and went camping on friday we were planning on staying 2 nights. one night mushrooms one night drinkin. we got packed along with the 4 other people goinng with us. and this took forever since it was us waiting to eat em. i think everyone knows how that is. well we knew we were leaving so we ate them at 8 right when we left.... one other was going to eat them but it happend later at night. we had to stop at our local motel to get some ice. for our beer. well while we was there it seemed like it took about 40 mins only 15... and we knew they were kicking in when we got the mad giggles and was lauhing hella loud and couldnt stop.... anyway we left got in the car and my blood floated within me. it seemed like i was smashed int he car with all this shit we had in there. but then i looked and it seemd like the whole back of the seat was mine. we had a whole bunch of shit between us. we were both in the back seat. we were jabbering about nonesence.
before we went into the canyon. we stopped at a ranger station waiting for the other car with our 2 other buddies. when we stopped. i couldnt tell weather i was in a car. or a airplane. the ground looked non existant. and i asked if we left the car and was in a plane and they looked at me funny. i looked outside and i thought the wind was blowing since there was trees moving in motion and dragons started to weave in and out of the trees. and everyone said the wind was nto at all blowing. so i was like fine fuckers dont belive me. and they laughed.

anywa we saw them and took off. on the way up the canyon it was like we were in a rolling ball full of camping gear. tho it was tottaly smooth.. seemed liek we was turning and bouncing and rolling all over. i didnt care since i would of died in this state. my mind was uncontrollable. i looked atside and saw cartoon eyes all througout the mountains and trees. and ground seemd to sway back and forth like a road runner cartoon. and we was floowig the train of fire.

We got to where we were going. a dirt road on the way to swan flats in northern utah. i knew we was there cause my buddy was over there saying over and over again... we here we here woo woo we here. so i knew. weaving back and fourth gaining to the higher side of the mountain the site reminded me of the time we got there and the roads were coverd in sheep. and we had to drive 5 per hour and honk. and then the driver said remember the sheep and i was like woo yeah that was nuts. and we got to the main roads and started to rally race i thought. the car behind us (our buds) was going the same speed and seemed to want to pass us. we were going about 60 miels per hour or more so i thought. hitting all the jump sna d flying around lauhing cause it was so sweet. he best feeling in the world. when your in mid air with a car. the road was wavey were the jumps were and i thought we was going to go right through the road and into the ground. they kept talking about a secret road. and i was like secret road???? so mysterious i thought. they said there was snow all over the ground but i couldnt tell... i looked atside and all i saw was mortal kombat style trees swirling and flying past the car. we all this sudden slowed to about 3 miles per hour and was going around trees. i thought we was in a computer game dodge the trees. they were talking about the secret road again.. and all this sdden we were off to 60 miles per hour again.... and stopped in a few more trees. dodging the other car and the trees. me and my buddy didnt know what to think we were tottaly confised to waht they were doing..

We lost the other car. its been about a 1 since we ate the shrooms. so 9-9:30. the other car seemed to be broken and people seemed to be playing with me saying we had to get a tow truck and all this madness i didnt know what to think was just laughing. and i didnt thing i should be. the next day i found out it wasnt so bad. but on to the story. the driver got out and was yelling to find the other car. he saw the lights and started to walk toward it. and i got out and i FOUND THE SNOW when i almost fell on my ass cause it was all ice. i knew i saw it eirlier. but it loked like tooth paste or cream whip. i didnt think snow. my body was in another world. nothing made sence. there was snow but it wasnt cold. the car was broken but we were still gunna go camping. Then all this sudden the 2 other buddies jumped int he car with a dog. so this was a tight fit. the dog mad me hella happy. we then all this sudden found the secret road so they say. and all this sudden me my buddy and one other person was left there. he wasnt shroomin. our stuff was all over the ground and no fire. i knew i had to build a fire. but it seemed impssible. the kid that was sober told us to help him get wood and start a fire so we said ok waht else was we gunna do...? we looked at him then the fire then at the ground. i picked up a twig seemed like i picked up a boulder 5 times my size. it was unimaginibly difficult. picked up a few mroe and tried to buld a small te-pe fire... the just laid there in single rows. and my friend just laughed at me. and he tried he didnt do any better. the other kid was just getting mad so i thought. since he was sober. this shoulda been said a while ago.. the buddy shroomin ith me is named Tony. the kid who is sober with us is beau. anyway beau started to walk off into the woods to grab fire wood and he needed the flash light. but tony wasnt about ready to give up his light force. so we both walked with him... we got witch seemed 1 mile away from the fire. witch really was 25 so it seemed. and we thought we sould be lost forever we were like NOOOOO we started to yell and scream saying where the fuck i sour shit noooo.... and beau just got some stick and grabed tony and said follow me. yay we made it back the firepit witch was no easier to start. so beau got it started. and the wind started up he kept putting wood on it and it got bigger with the wind... tony started to freak out. about thw wind. i knew he aws about as sober as me since i was shroomin balls. i told him to stfu casue beau was sober and knew what he was doing since the flamed looked prolly 60 feet higher then they really were. and he shut up... nothing we thought of was about working or anything like that. i was thinking how crazy the world was. and how crazy the trees looked and how everything looked like a tool music video. no music just a flame and everyone looking at one another. the other came back and they looked 40 miles away... when really they was about 20 feet. and i was like waho you guys... why you wait out there. and they tapped me on the head and was like. whats up bug eye. and i was like hey man my head is not for touchen shit. i knew i had to set up my tent and get all my shit together but when i looked at the stuff. it didnt like i could touch them without me sufficating. so i left everything to the sober people since me and tony was shrooming together and we was sharing the tent we didnt have to do it when everyone else wanted us to. since we both didnt een think we could set up a tent or anything for that matter. i thought everyone was aginst me. and messing with my head. infact i almost knew it. it was like everyone knew that i had a half oz of buddah in my pocket
and the sober ones wanted it so i looked at it and it just looked like a bunch of grass flowing with water in my bag
so i felt it. and it felt like it was about ready to be put in a salad i thought. it seemed i was going down after 5 hours. but i thought about it and it kicked me in the ass again. everything im my world seemed to be a comic book filled with tool substances. such a colorful extravigant world. the girl who was shroomin with us who ate them while we were getting ice at the motel. just sat around the fire. and looked at everything around her. it was just a trip after all that pretty much explained everything lasted about 2 more hours and we dropped from the sky and hit rock bottem. and we knew we was done. we set up our tent. my mind was filled with thoughts. nothing was the same anymore. nothing.

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