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a merging of trips

My friend and i, a couple of weeks ago,purchased some crazy blue mush off a friend.

My friend and i, a couple of weeks ago,purchased some crazy blue mush off a friend. we had never tripped together before and it turned out to be very interesting.we ate about 2.5g each at a buddies place and had a few drinks which i think makes your trip a little more fun. they hit us fast within 30 min or so. the room seemed intense there were a few people there that we didnt really like so we deeked that scene fast. we had to walk because tripping out on an adventure is the shit, it always seems like your not even walking your just being pulled by a force. the moon perhaps? mushrooms have become my favorite reality it makes the best sense.im really stoned and mushy from last night.anyways we ended up walking through the rain singing the little mermaid {dont ask} we were having the time of our life i notice that when a place starts to get weird you can just deek and it changes everything. about the merge...my friend and I get into her place and everything is so different. I sat on the floor and my friend sat on the couch. We sat there for what seemed like forever just tripping out. Everything that happened we saw together. The room kept changing, getting bigger and than smaller. The walls would change colours. At one point they were green, then brown and then an off white when they were really just plain old white. Everything that was brown would stand out and then it would go back to normal.It was like everything in the room knew we were looking at it and decided to change again. I have a wood bar type thing around my open livingroom kitchen....the grain in the wood was moving like traffic when you look at it from a birds eye view. My friend and I looked at my arm and it was like it wasn't my arm at all...as though someone else had taken over it. We ran to the mirror to see just how fucked up we were. We'd look into each other eyes but could still see our own and it was like our eyes were popping right out of our heads. Looking into the mirror can be a good or bad thing. That night it was a great thing. I also have a full body mirror and looking into that was like a whole other universe. When I was looking into the mirror by myself at one point I knew I wasn't myself and had to figure out who was inside me. At this point I had gone completely mad. I said to my friend "My name is Fanagradaba Fanatsy!" She laughed and asked what her name was then. I said it's "Tinisity Come Ova Heeer" We laughed for what seemed like forever. We decided to change into our p.j's but my friend didn't have any so I brought her out these blue and white stripped p.j. pants. We both looked at them for a very long time and saw that there were yellow strips moving through them as well. After getting dressed my friend was relaxing on the couch and I was again on the floor. She took a deep breath and the couch did it with her. She said it was as though the couch was sucking her in and she was a part of it. The ceiling was also breathing at one point. I wrote down the names that I had given my friend and I and then threw the paper and it was like I didn't ever really throw it because it landed in the same place where I had grabbed it from and there was a light that was behind it and stayed for a few seconds afterwards. Trippy shit. After tripping out for hours and hours we thought we should try and sleep. I turned on a red light but my friend didn't really like that so I lit a candle. We thought we could control the candle light with our minds. We'd close our eyes and think really hard about the candle not flicking anymore and once we opened our eyes it wasn't doing it anymore. We ended up blowing out the candle and going to sleep while still tripping out in our sleep. Great Dreams. Mushrooms sleeps are the best. I sleep like an angel baby. (inside joke) to anyone who is thinking about tripping i suggest you do it with a good friend its a great way to bond. Mushrooms are a great time and i make sure i do them weekly with Tinisty come ova heeer. next time you trip whether your an artist or not pick up a pencil and paper and let go it can be an interesting thing in the morning.Enjoy mushin out! where is the rest of us?

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