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A long walk home

My friend and i went to a party a while ago on a friday.

My friend and i went to a party a while ago on a friday.it was pritty good, lots of girls and weed, i didnt smoke because i wanted to trip on shrooms, towards the end of the party i ate 1/4.

The trip started 20 minutes later when i was walking home, it usualy takes me 15 minutes to walk. But this was different, it was around halloween. I was walking home and i felt a lil sick so i sat down in a park. Then i freaked out. I wasnt in a new realm or anything yet but i felt so scared. the space around me like the houses and fences were moving away and it was like the world was being streched.
i was too scared to move because i thought i was going to strech too. Then 30 mins or so later i saw a bright light and a dark figure come threw. a deep voice talked. it said You must make it home, A great destany will find you, Then i was like what the fuck? But it gave me the courage to continue home. I saw kids playing hockey, this was around 7:30, and then i saw a cat, it ran across the street then i yelled "HOLY FUCK THOSE CATS ARE BLUE" and the kids are like what the fuck? The kids asked me if i was alright but i said I need to find the chicked so i can fly it over the rainbow to talk to the squirrel and take my chocolate away.

It was getting dark so i decided to rest. I found a house and i went under their deck for sum fucked up reson, i cant remember hy, and i passed out.

The next morning i woke up and i was wondering what the fuck i did. So then i went home.

What a fucked up night

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