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a little to eager

The day started with a purchase of 7 grams dry.

The day started with a purchase of 7 grams dry. That evening I decided to trip alone. I ate a stem, then a cap, then several stems and one more cap. This was about a third of my mushrooms. The effects took over an hour to begin. I thought the mushrooms were bunk until I yawned really big. I began to experience lite headedness and euphoria began to overwehlm me. Stage 2!!! Severe haalucinations began almost immediately following. This drove me to my bedroom where I laid in bed seeing animated mushroom shapes everwhere and when I closed my eyes an explosion of mushroom visuals that were similar to a 70's disco explosion took over for about 5 hours!!! Please for your own safety never trip alone. I went into a depression for a while. I am fortunate to have a wife that babysat me until I came down enough to ejoy the high. Please, eat in moderation if you experiment. This was my first time buying my own mushrooms and only the third time I ever did them. I still have the rest of the bag and that was 1-5-02.

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