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a journey

it was my first time doing mushrooms.

it was my first time doing mushrooms. i ate about 3 grams of some really good shrooms (i've done LSD before this... so i kinda knew what to expect). the trip came on kinda slow. it started with that 'i'm stoned' feeling, then the trails came. at this point i told my friend "here they come" and that's just what happened.

i started getting visuals when i closed my eyes, and i was just chillin' doin' that for a while. then i was in the zone. trippin' so hard... it was like i was in a completely new universe... but this was only the beginning.

after about an hour or so i decided i had to go from my friend's house (where i was) to my other friends house about 3 miles away. i wasn't really up for making the walk, but it had to be done (i had to drop something off at my other friend's).

so here i am... walking down the highway while it's all dark out... and the only thing i can think of is "i hope i don't get hit by a car". the road by now has turned into a liquid that has some solid ground underneath. the liquid came up to about my hips, and would change a different color every few seconds. every now and then i passed what i thought was people, but they were talking and the words were morphed into weird sounds that i can't really describe. i saw so many other things... but i don't know what they are or how to possibly describe them.

the peak was insane. color everywhere... i had to keep touching everything i saw just to make sure it was really there. i heard music in my head that wouldn't go away (it was good music though... so it was all good anywayz, it took me about 3 hours to walk to my friends house. where i went during this time i don't really remember. i know i got lost a few times (lol)... but yeah... all in all... GREAT trip

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