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A Hellish Night

It all started with me getting my paycheck.

It all started with me getting my paycheck...needless to say, it was my wise decision to spend it on a half-ounce of blue ringers, which don't come cheap these days lemme tell you...

We all decide to go camping. It was me, Lonnie, Mikey, Brandy, Ryan, Owen, and Hippie Mike sitting around a campfire, shrooming. I remember on the drive up, we saw a guy lying in the road, halfway under a car. "Oh," I thought to myself, "he's probably just working on the car." We pass, and he's covered in blood, with a kid and an old man crouched down next to him. He had gotten hit. I can't describe the paralysis that seized me, nor can I describe what happened when I closed my eyes from that awful scene. As soon as my lids shut, intense red sperm tracers were shooting around, with little skull and crossbones inside them. I was freaked, but I talked to my friends and talked myself down into a state of subliminal mushroom bliss...

Anyway, we arrived at the campground, and eventually get the fire started. Owen had ripped manzanita bushes and branches out of the ground, and was now complaining of his arms itching. I looked over at his arms, and they had raised scratches on them. I turned away quick, and couldn't help but to look at my own arms. I saw the same thing. That's when it happened.
I looked at the fire, and the red manzanita branches that were sticking out started writhing around and hissing, and there were deep laughing noises coming from behind me, sounding purely evil. I closed my eyes and laid back and ran my hand down my arm. I felt abrasions and lacerations, and my breathing became shallow as I started to hyperventilate. I popped open my eyes and stared at Owen standing across from me, behind the blazing inferno. His eyes were pure red, and his face was a deathly white. Suddenly, squids...tentacles...red evil things striking at me from the fire, my friends faces bearing resemblence to that of a cadavers. I finally shouted, "Someone hit me!..."
I woke up the next morning in the hospital with a foot long manzanita branch stuck in my leg. Owen said I had jumped into the fire yelling about snakes and squids. I have yet to remember. All I know is that if I do decide to shroom again, it will not be around manzanita, or fire. -Meta4

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