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A happy and colorful death

wow the dubest thing of my life, here's the story.

wow the dubest thing of my life, here's the story. my friend was getting married in a couple days and it was my job as the best man to throw the party, so my friend lets call him james says to me hey you have to hook us up so of course i did. i had been growing shrooms for a while and i had a stash of thrity grams dried of eqs, B+, GT's, KS, and TC's. so i brought most of them over to the party. me and my friend decied we were going to get really fucked up on shrooms till about three in the morning then get drunk. anyway we decide to make a smoothy, and we put 12grams of the b+, (we put so many because i heard they weren't that potent and i hadnt tried any so i relied on the advice of others here at shroomy) and one gram of Ec. well we blended that sucker up and split it between us. i was a dumbass and drank mine in five minutes becaues i was afraid if i took it slow i would build up a tolerance and james drank his in the course of an hour. james says after five minutes oh shit i can feel it. but my self i couldn't. (another reason why we took so much was because three days ago i took three grams of golden teachers, didn't really like the trip and i thought for three days i would still have a tolerace well i had fasted for six hours prior.) well we play some video games and in twenty minutes i am tripping so hard i cant form sentences, all i could do was sit on the floor and stare at the tv. my friends were talking to me, what about no clue. well about a hour in a half in to it i go out side with james while he smokes and we talk and i wasnt doing to well, everything was talking to me and the three in my yard kept scaring the shit out of me, im sitting out side with my back against the house and james is telling me all these bugs were crawling on me, i wasnt worried because i couldn't see or feel them and i just figured he was tripping really hard. so i go in side and tell my girl friend that i thought i was going to throw up and i ran up the stairs. by this time my body was over heating, my heart was pounding in my chest and i try to force my self to throw up becuase things were getting really intense really fast and i was sooo scared. i called for my girl friend to come up there and she does and of course shes on them too. and i tell her how much ive taken, that my body was over heating and that my heart was racing way to hard. i tell her to check my pulse and of course shes tripping and my telling her this makes her freak out, so she takes my pulse and tells me that its at 180 and rising, and i know people have had heart attacks at 220-250 and this scares me more cause i think that my body is over heating and that im going to have a heart attack. they gave me a alot of water (by this time im barly sitting up on the floor) well all my friends come up and they freak out and i beg them to take me to the hospital and they said ok 15 minutes then we will see how your doing. and the whole time im seeing all these colors, and everything is moving and my friends were morphing and im almost one with the floor and the whole time i feel like this is it im going to die right here and i feel cold in side. then i start to feel verry cold and i start to loose consicnes, and at the same time im having this really bad out of body experience, and i think that my body went in to a slight state of shock. well my girl friend she assure me im going to be ok and she makes me chug two bottles of water and that did it i threw up about two grams and i was doing ok. i got my heart down with some deep breathing and i was laying on the floor with an ice pack on my stomach. and as she is holding me her face looks like it has no eyes but three mouths. like that one soda comercial. and no im not making this shit up. well i start to come down and the whole time james is like im tripping balls you dont even know, his trip lasted from nine that night to nine that morning. and the rest of the night i talk about how i almost die.

please feel free to comit on how much of a dumbass i am, or give me some advice and i felt like i am a pretty expericnced tripper because i have been doing them for about a year.

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