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A Great Retarded Beast of Stupidity

This was my second time to do shrooms, and the first time was a level 3; We submitted the story as "Planet of the Mucas.

This was my second time to do shrooms, and the first time was a level 3; We submitted the story as "Planet of the Mucas." I'm S, and I was with my friend T. I ate $60 worth, which was twice as much as last time. He ate the same amount.
I didn't really know if you were supposed to eat them sporaticly or not, so I ate them all at the same time. It took me about 5 minutes to choke them all down. My friend was still typing the "Planet of the Mucas" report when I started feeling the effects.
We decided to go play R. E. Z. for playstation 2, which is a VERY good game to play on shrooms. You push the button and it emits a sound and colored lights. I was so enveloped in the sounds and colors that I had completely forgot I was playing, which is funny because when you don't push the button the music and colors stop, but I was still staring and drooling.
Suddenly everything felt wet. My friend mentioned it too. I was so disconnected that I started convincing myself that I had peed all over the place because I couldn't feel my lower body.
I decided to get my friend outside before he noticed, and the second we walked out the door there was an anamzing sense of nubs. I felt as though all of my extentions had shrunk and I felt like an amputee.
There were nubs all over me; my fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees, toes, etc. And my knees were bending the wrong way and my feet were backwards.
I was laughing uncontrolably at the way my body appeared. I walked out to the yard (which seemed very complicated in my nubbish-disposition) and commenced in proclaiming that I was "a big retarded beast of stupid" while wildly swinging my arms (which seemed to wrap around my body).
In the midst of my dalerium, my friend announced that he was going for a walk. As he walked away, I thought I was yellin at him because that was a bad idea, but I apparently never said a thing.
I decided too late, to follow him. I ran up and down the gravel driveway, with no shoes, yellin for him, but constantly muffling myself because it was 3:00 am.
I couldn't find him.I decided to return to the house because I had no shoes and no shirt because I had gotten snot all over it.
I continually ran between the bathroom, my friend's room, and the kitchen.
I went to the bathroom cuz I couldn't feel anything below my waist, so I was afraid I wouldn't be sure about when I needed to er um uh... "go potty", which in turn made me wonder about having pissed in my friend's room. So I went in there and saw my sandals. I went to put them on, but then I remembered I didn't have a shirt. But there was a shirt in the bathroom.
So I went back to the bathroom and remembered my toilet predicament. I put the shirt on and it was like a giant cloth worm was consuming me heard first. I found that humorous, but then I looked in the mirror.
Last time I had a bad trip after I looked in the mirror. I had seen my body's pigment changing and when I looked at my hand it didn't seem like it was mine. There was no distinction between my palm and the back of my hand, the finger nails weren't there, and there were no scars.
So I remembered this negative turning point from my last trip when I looked into the mirror. I had obsessivly tried to duplicate the feeling of vertigo it gave me day-in and day-out since my last trip. I decided this was my best opportunity.
I was successful in my attempt, but once again it was a bad thing. I started to get paranoid about how badly the shrooms had gotten to me. I remembered everything I had read from this very site, and it was twisted and distorted into something that I thought was some sort of biblical warning of impending doom.
Everything I remembered seemed to point to death. I was still overtaken by the nubbish feeling, the retarded feeling, veritgo, and now I felt as though I had stopped breathing.
I focused on forcing myself to breath at the right rythm. I went to get my sandals, and got enveloped in R. E. Z. I remembered the pissing plight, and began checking everywhere for a place that I could distinguish as damp or dry, but everything felt damp and everything felt dry.
I remembered my sandals and put them on. I remembered my friend, then the conspiracy that we were going to die and everyone knew it before we did. I had to find him and tell him.
I ran outside and yelled for him, but there was no answer. I went into the kitchen to look at his caller I.D. to see if he had called from his cell-phone recently so I could call it back. I found what I thought was his number, and unsuccessfully attempted to call it well over 15 times.
I was really beginning to panic at this point. I was still forcing myself to breath, I was still overrun by nubs, I was still delirious. I finally called the number and ater 3 rings, I hear his mother's voice come over an answering machine. I hung up quickly and went outside.
Thankfully, I heard my friend's voice yelling, "Who goes there?" I damn-near crumbled in my own feelings of patheticness and fear. I urgently tried to explain the situation to my friend.
About the people that were trying to warn us through Shroomery.org's site that we were going to die. About how everyone was trying to warn us but we didn't percieve them right. About how everything we had ever heard about shrooms meant we were going to die.
He was squatting and moving his arms over his head like some smashed hippie. I wasn't getting through to him. I told him to call the woman we got the shrooms from and see if we ate too many. I was in full blown panic, and still not coming down from the hallucinations.
I told him to call the guy from Shroomery.org and ask him what to do. I ran around yellin and whinin for a long time, tryin to bring myself back to reality. I went inside to get some Culligan water. On my way out, T's mother pops out from behing a door and asks who called.
But I made that call an hour ago. I walked outside and told Tyler to tell his mom he had called. I waited outside as he got yelled at. We were busted. They told us to go to bed.
This is how I remember things happening. I could swear by it. But it turns out that these things took place in a very different order over very different time periods.
His mom said the call had just been made, and the front door was open for a prolonged period of time, and a bunch of other crap that raised more questions than gave answers.
To this day I am still baffled by the things that took place that night, and surprised that I lived. It was great at times, but horrible more often than not. I wanna do it again. Mwa-hah.

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