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A Grateful Trip

A friend and I went camping by a lake.

A friend and I went camping by a lake. We both ingested 9.5 grams of dried psilocybe shrooms. Needles to say we tripped our asses off. For me I was realy fixed on the Grateful Dead that night. My friend was wearing a dead-T and we were listening to the dead also. So I'm sure that had a major factor on my trip. Everything that I loked at though had small stealies (skull & lightning bolt) on it. Then eventually they were evrywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean I could hardly tell what was a tree or the ground. The lake seemed like it had disappeared. And when I looked at the clear sky it was like watching a show of tye-dye moving. It was awsome! I have never had an experience like that ever in my life, but I definately plan on having more.

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