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A God within a trip, within a trip

This was the only time I've ever tried mushrooms - I would again if I could, I just don't know anybody who sells them.

This was the only time I've ever tried mushrooms - I would again if I could, I just don't know anybody who sells them. Over the several weeks before obtaining the shrooms, I'd read pretty much all the material I could find, including the Erowid vaults & this site. The amount I took was 50g of dried heads (for £50).

I chewed the shrooms for a while, slipping them under my tongue attempting to get quick effects. Alas, it took around an hour before I felt anything. The first sign of anything abnormal was when I was looking at my monitor, I moved my head back & forth. It's hard to describe, it just felt different, as though the relationship between my monitor & its surroundings were different.

About 10 minutes later, I started seeing halos on the lights, & I decided it was time to go into trip mode. I said farewell to the person I was talking to on MSN & set my status to away. "Go swim in the floor!" was the reply I got. I lay down on my bed, after getting my mini discs ready. Gradually, things started getting more colourful. My Wallace & Grommit bed linen was now trippy, similar to having fluorescent lights on in the dark.
As time went on, everything started bleeding colours, the best description I can think of is that everything had rings of the prime colours around them. The music warping began shortly thereafter, & I put "Showbiz" by Muse on. As the screams "they make me" I put my arms out & holes in the ceiling became vortexes, enlarging, obeying my will.
After the music effect, time started becoming distorted, to the point of one minute becoming infinite. After this I closed my eyes. This was the most pleasant part of the trip (though I hadn't come up fully yet): I was flying through beautiful mazes, through mouths & flames, past patterns & bright colours. A while later, I opened my eyes again. My hands were sinking into my bed, into the ceiling, walls - whatever I touched, they sank in. Visually, it looked as though they were sewn in. My computer chair was floating in the floor, along with my shoes. Several dropped mini discs sank.

This was the scariest part of the trip, whenever I touched myself, blood started gushing from that area. My imagination was realities limit - my eyes were ripped out, even my testicles were crushed. Not pleasant. Shortly thereafter I distracted myself, & my trip came to its heaviest stage. Changing mini discs was impossible, I just didn't know what I was doing. Shortly after beginning, my train of thought ceased. I gave up & lay on my side - when I attempted to move shortly after I couldn't, my limbs wouldn't move. I was stuck there, not blinking, looking at a fantastical show of patterns & objects floating in & out of one another. I was in effect a God, within a trip, within a trip.

Towards the end of the trip, I attempted talking on MSN. It was virtually impossible to get a sentence out that was coherent & made any sense whatsoever.

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