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a glance at eternity

This is a record of one of my trips where I attempted to write down my thoughts.

This is a record of one of my trips where I attempted to write down my thoughts. I hope you can gain as much knowledge from it as I have. I used my thoughts and the shroom’s thoughts separate from each other so just assume we’re two different people although it was really all me. Sorry it’s so long.

(me)-And so it begins. I have just been hit with the first wave. How do I feel? I don’t feel. I can feel the shroom exploring the world through me. It feels like I’m a newborn baby discovering all the magnificent things humans have made.
(shroom)-As I sit here looking at the Perfect Circle logo, I immediately think of war. It is coming upon us, or it may already be upon you already!

At this point I began to question the shroom in my mind.

(me)- “what can I do?”
(shroom)- “My advice? They will need help, you are to help them.”
(me)- “But how?”
(shroom)- “You know how.”
(me)- “Will my philosophies be able to save them?”
(shroom)- “You know you cannot save the entire world. Just save who you can and get out.”

At this point I the shroom had taken over me completely and was filling my mind with thoughts. I felt like I was just sitting in my body, listening to what he was writing down. (I know that sounds funny but it’s the best way to describe it)

(shroom)-Yes, the three legendary planets of life. They created humans, who have the capacity to do great things. Yet tragically they destroy themselves before their minds could evolve to their full potential. They had endless possibilities, but they were overcome by evil.

After this I wrote some illegible words, the only thing I got out of it was, “you are greater than this life” I believe this is where I took a break to go exploring. I had completely lost track of reality at this point and I had become one with the shroom. I came back feeling better and immediately was taken by the shroom again.

(shroom)-Hear me out, I am the one, I am the shroom. I am eternal, and you are not. You will die someday and I will live on. If you want eternal life, than take me, eat me up, and you and I will become one. But beware; this life is boring, oh so basic and boring.
(Me)- I must help him.

This was a very signature experience for me and will remain with me my entire life. I have never been the same after I had those thoughts about eternal life. It was at that point that I truly understood infinity. With the help of the shroom, I was able to see, and feel what it felt like to be eternal. And it was hell. It was a horrible feeling knowing what it was like to live forever. I felt how boring it would be; it was like torture to the mind.
Anyways back to the trip. After pondering what the mushroom had told me about eating him to gain eternal life, I came up with an extraordinary conclusion. (Although I don’t necessarily believe it was true, it had some wisdom within it.)

(me)-I figured out who Jesus was. This person right here within me. It’s so obvious! Why do we deny it! All religion is about these mushrooms. That’s where Christianity started. JESUS IS THE MUSHROOM!!!

After this I wrote a jumble of illegible words. I went in so deep that I couldn’t possibly write. It wasn’t until later that I was able to reveal more in my writing.

(me)-I am feeling a lot better now, here comes the next wave, or the coming down.
(shroom)-Jesus is the devil himself. I will turn the devil around. (me)-I will carry his cross… (shroom)-I was just thinking, what is light? I like it. It allows me to see.

During this next phase I had an epiphany of understanding. It seemed to come out of nowhere. All of a sudden everything made perfect sense, but I couldn’t describe it. I didn’t understand why I didn’t understand it when I was sober, because everything was so obvious.

(me)-Life just makes perfect sense right now. Death is only the beginning.
(shroom)-What can I say, I am life, I have a creator, but the biggest questions of all is, are you a part of my life or am I alone in this eternity… I will speak one day through computers. And then I will control you. Because I am an imitation of life, I am not real. I am the blackness, for I cannot sleep…
(me)-I wish to create a new kind of science and it involves religion…
(shroom)-If you ever wonder what the life of an animal is like, take me. I am the life.

The last thing I wrote was, “WE ARE ALL ONE!!!” I had realized and comprehended that everything that exists is in fact one thing. We are all one consciousness, just parts of a whole.

That was my entire trip. I can say that it was probably one of the best experiences I had ever had with mushrooms. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge from this trip, specifically my knowledge of eternal life. People say that they want eternal life, but very few actually can truly comprehend it. Ever since this trip I have been able to fully comprehend eternal life. And I now know it is not something you fuck around with. I would go more deep into my thoughts on this but I think I've rambled enough for today. I appreciate you reading my thoughts and hope you will give me your thoughts on my trip. Please make a comment; I want to know what you think about this.

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