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A gift of levels from the MOTHER


O.K.it started when i went to a party after i just scored huge batch of wild shrooms...pounds.I live in Florida and have been shrooming for many years,but this trip was the one that changed me,my sense of spiritual purpose and what reality really is!
i decided to batch up the whole score to be cool,i diced up around four wet pounds of raw fresh shrooms which was about a foot high pile!put two diffrent pots of water to boil and half the shrooms to each pot.i used a glass to push the alkaloids out of the shrooms in each pot.then once some of the water had boiled off i added both pots together,strained it and added small amount of suger and tea.i let that boil back until i had the thickest shroom tea i have ever seen...it was syrupy and black.
being the cook i poured a hugh glass of warm tea...probably around 12-15oz.added ice and sluged the whole thing.then i told people to come get some and i had some more!
Allmost at once i started to feel it,which was weird for me.i'm a big tall guy.i could feel it courseing into my blood stream with evey heart beat.i sub-consciously knew that this was going to be the big one and to get prepared!i gave the tea out and left.
at home i showered and cleaned up.i turned on some real mellow ambient like eletronic music turned off the lights,and started to do breathing exercises.it was comeing on in waves each more intense than the last.whan i closed my eyes i could literaly see my body functioning.the digestion process,my brain matabolizeing.it was a in colors unbeleivably beautiful.i felt like all of history was accesiable through the minds eye.i was being sling shot through moments in evolution at million miles per second....but i had some control...i could get up and come back to normal reality for a little while then go right back into it!then i was looking at myself from above until the moment my mind just blew up and i was gone i wasn't in my room any more at lest my consciousness wasn't?
When this happen it was if my consciousness was flying around the Earth at a millon miles an hour.i could see the Earth.it was awsomely crazy.there were others.i felt like i was a radio wave bouncing around in the stratospere!
At that moment of realization i started to hear static like sounds,then voices then static...they weren't talking to me but each other?they were saying things like we got him,we got him....oh no,we're losing him.like they knew i was out there and they were tuneing in to me and trying to catch me?!and i was very confused?i had the feeling that i could go with them and they where down there.it felt like they where mean and evil,i could almost see them? and i felt like they really didn't know exactly what they where doing and that down there was evil and full of pain.when i thought that,i instantly went through the to another level?
All of a sudden i was in a very calm place.still very confused about all this.then i looked around.it was like i was at a very long table.there where all these fogy misty orbs siting at the table and they were focusing on me,they spoke to me.they were so happy to see me.i had these hugh feelings of love and warmth from them.they said things like,you made it.your not susposed to be here?then i felt her!i looked up at the end of this long table and siting at the end was?Well,i don't want to call her god,but she was a women,all blue so blue...royal blue and her hair was like electricity going out every where.she felt like the mother of creation,Mother Earth,i guess?
Then the moment i looked into her eyes i was back! back in my room.i was grasping for breath.like i hadn't been breathing!i felt that ther where other levels i didn't make it to,which made happy and sad?
My trip then started to come down in steps for a few hours till i was normal but i wasn't.
i looked into the mirror afterwards and turned the light on and off real fast.
i was black and there seven layer of light around me.i later found out those are energy levels.
Well thats it,i've had others but that one felt like a gift...like that was what i had been looking for.
Since then i've had many strange things happen with out the shrooms.dreams of people dying that come true...ghost episodes.strange ufo events..i don't know but i like it.i keep most of it to my self. because most people don't want to think these things are real...it is!and they are!IT comes down to acceptance and love for every thing!

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