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Fun and More Fun

This trip involves me and 2 other friends, A & P.

This trip involves me and 2 other friends, A & P. I had dosed a few times prior to this trip and A had dosed once before with me but this was P's first trip. We all ate what was about 1.5-2g and sat around the dorm waiting for the effects to take hold, we got over the initial nausea (which I think was due to not enough chewing) by sitting still and skipping lunch that day (it was about 4pm when we dosed). After an hour of cool general euphoria and building to something we decided to go outside and run around the campus :)

We came upon a group of people we knew but didn't hang out with much and joined in the conversation, it became evident we couldn't really maintain any conversation. We were laughing alot and A showed signs of aggression as he had on his other trip, for some reason he would think someone was talking about them and then get really mad and start swearing at them and trying to cause a fight!! We actually had to pull him away and restrain him but he regained some composure when we were back with just the three of us, we were running around to different dorms/rooms of people we knew generally having a fun LAUGHING time for about 4 (!!) hours. Everything was funny no matter how much the other people didn't get it.

We didn't notice many hallucinations but when we were sitting on a bench we did notice some strange sidewalk patterns.

Overall this trip was my most fun trip because we got to have so many things happen to us simultaneously and everyone had alot of sillyness and fun :)

One thing I also noticed is we had alot less 'social restraint' basically saying whatever came to our mind whenever it did - offending some girls we found good looking among other things :) Alot of playful fighting took place but we couldn't remain angry at eachother for long.

A word to other shroomers : don't do too much and enjoy every 'trip level' there is. And dont let shrooms or drugs interfere with your life be it social school or otherwise, you CAN wait till the weekend or next month or 3 months from now for the optimal time and place!

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