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A day trip to hell

Yesterday aftertoon about 1pm, i decided to try some shrooms, this would have been about the 4th time i have taken them.

Yesterday aftertoon about 1pm, i decided to try some shrooms, this would have been about the 4th time i have taken them. but i had never gone above a level 3 trip before, this time i wanted to make sure that i took enough to get to a level 5 trip.
so i had about 5 grams of shrooms (might of been more), after about the first 5 minutes, i already started to feel funny. then after about another 5 minutes i started to see visuals, music sounded richer than ever,weired patterns on the wall, but i knew this was going to get much stronger, about 10 minutes later i lost control of everything, everything is just a blur now. but i will do my best to recall what happend after that.
i remeber being on the floor in my bedroom, things that worried me and even things that didnt going through my head, i can't quite recall how this happend, but i can say that it was a mixture of very vivid visual and audio patterns, haunting me, with no escape, later on i found myself in the living room pissing myself, and pepole around me talking some kind of luanguage i didnt understand.at this point i wasnt too worried, later on things got worse. the mushrooms got stronger, i found myself in my bedroom on my bed. i honestly belived that the world around me i had only imagined, that life wasnt real, and i would be stuck here forever. everything in my life that worried me playing over in my head, over and over again with no escape, i was crying and screaming for someone to get me out of this, but there was no escape. my mother was over me trying to help, but it was no good, i didnt understand a word she, or anyone was saying, i was in more pain that i ever thought was possible. i thought i had bad trips before, but never like this. i don't remember too much more, exept it was like the darkest horror movie you could ever imagine. if i had to compare it too something, i would say it was like the drug from the computer game "max payne". it was truly hell, the biggest "head fuck" you could imagine, as i started to come down from them (about 7pm i think) i remeber my mum over me with a wet towel trying to cool me down, i was terrified what i had done on the mushrooms, and how i would explain the terror i went through, and the things i had seen, my brain got totally screwed up, in everyway possible, this went way passed just seeing things. anyway i slowly got better, where the visuals were reduced to just things waving, and distorted colors.

all i can say is be carefull before taking mushrooms, and dont over do it, this was not cool, or fun, i still feel like shit, this has really messed with my head, and scared the fuc* out of me.

if anyone has any questions, or just wants to talk email me:


Thanks for reading this, hope this helps in some way


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