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A Complete Search of Myself

My first time shrooming was about a year ago.

My first time shrooming was about a year ago. The experience went really well, and I knew I had to do it again eventually. I had a rough breakup and some other problems in my life in between...so I was responsible taking a break from shrooms. I felt that I would have a bad trip if I had a lot on my mind. This summer, I knew I was ready...and I wanted to take a plunge into the dream world once again.

This time, I shroomed with my two good friends. One of them was also shrooming, the other was observing/hosting the experience at his house. This what was so special about this trip to me, it was very interesting for a "grounded" person to tell me later on what I was doing while my mind was in wonderland. I'll tell you about my personal account of the trip, and if I write something with asterisks around them, that is what my friend observed about me.

We ate the shrooms at about 12:30 AM. We were relaxing on the couch and watching a movie as we waited for the shrooms to take over. I had an eighth and my friend had a little less than that. As the movie progressed....the telltale sign of the beginning of the adventure began. I felt tingles spread all throughout my body...my friend didn't experience this phenemonon, unfortunately, but it has happened to me both times I've shroomed. It's really a remarkable feeling, it really takes over you whole body, it's almost orgasmic in a way. It's a feeling of total physical comfort and serenity.

This goes on for about 10 minutes or so, and then I begin to actually trip. The lights on the ceiling turned into a brilliant red and the basement became hazy in a sense. It almost felt like being on a stage, only without an audience. My friend (the host) put on a Jimi Hendrix CD, and needless to say, it was absolutely beautiful an perfect.

The beginning of the trip taught me how different people's trips can be. My trip was very internal. I had my eyes closed and I was just riding my own waves, so to speak. I felt an overbearing joy just observing myself fom the inside..it was an inner peace I could never explain. I didn't know what my tripping friend was doing at this time...because I was very unobservant of my friens through my trip, I was in my own world. However, our non-shrooming friend told me afterwards

*My friend was very very extroverted and giddy, the complete opposite of me. I wanted to search myself, and he didn't want to shut up. He was talking to my other friend often incoherently, just constantly talking and blabbering. He was paying a lot of attention to the television screen (which had cartoons on at this point) and I didn't even open my eyes.*

Keep in mind that although my eyes were closed, I was getting brilliant visuals on the inside of my eyelids. I saw strange language patterns and math equations floating along in the darkness. Suddenly, I reached my peak in inner peace.

*What I did next was changed my physical nature for the first time. Originally I was very closed, almost into a little ball of protection. I raised my arms out suddenly and looked like I was ripping open an invisible womb. I opened my eyes and slowly stood up. My friend said it was captivating how "masculine and intense I looked". Like I was at my peak of confidence, like I was just born again.

This is when I explored. Some images were creepy, some beautiful. The pool cues looked like a creepy old rocking chair with a man with a shotgun in it. I wasn't afraid though, I was interested. His posters (of people) shifted into animals or different visuals. At that point, I decided I wanted to experience perfect darkness. I went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights, and laid on my back. I saw figures of what looked like ghosts towering above me, looking down at me. Again, I was more interested than afraid. After about 15 minutes o f doing so.

My friend put on the new Sounds of Animals Fighting CD, which is the most beautiful CD i have ever heard in my life while tripping. Wow, almost life changing. My friend was drawing in the corner, and I was staring at things and watching my mind warp them. at some point I looked in the mirror, and watched my face morph. I could expand or retract the size of the room to my desire, I would wave my hand and the DVD player would move. It was almost like telepathy, definitely a cool feeling.

At this point my friend tried to bring the two of us together for some deep conversation. We talked about life being routine, and wanting to do something different. We discussed a lot more but honestly I don't remember enough about it. I only talked when I was talked to, I was very standoffish. My friend was still blabbering nonsensically. Even though he added more to the conversation to me, he didn't add much substance because we had a very difficult time understanding him.

My peak occurred when I sat on the pool table. My brain told my body (as if we were totally seperate entities). "Nobody will know what just happened but you and me. It's just you and me, we're the only ones" and I started hysterically laughing about that for like 10 minutes. It warmed my heart in a way that this experience was for my eyes only.

I went up the stairs to myself (again in perfect darkness) and I saw stars on the ceiling. I put on my finger and began to plot them into weird patterns. I went back downstairs and told my friends that I want to go outside to see the stars. We went on my friend's porch and smoked a cigarette. I saw the stars and began to plot them the same way I plotted the stars I was imagining indoors. It truly was an amazing experience for some reason...I thought it was beautiful. We came down at this point and discussed our experience.

I don't think anybody will read this in their entirety, but most stories on here are so brief they do not give you the true experience. This is my trip in its entirety. My friend said his trip was very interesting as well. He felt like we were discovering a world unknown to man. I was The Darkness, discovering everything dark and moody and finding wonder in it. He was the Light, observing bright things. My grounded friend was the medium. Watching us discover both and recording it. Very interesting stuff.

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