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A complete loss of reality and resulting bad trip

I started at about 8pm taking shrooms with 2 other friends.

I started at about 8pm taking shrooms with 2 other friends. There were others around who were not shrooming at the time. It started off really fun and positive with strong visuals. I had only done shrooms once before and experienced everything start to "breathe" and a feeling like being in a movie with things not quite being real.

This time was much stronger and different which bothered me slightly because it wasn't what I was expecting but it was fun at this point so I didn't think about it further. After an hour or more we left and went around to walk. Its the mountains and the landscape seemed to go on for miles, seeing very vast. We sat down on a bike path and looked at the stars and off into the field and a river. It was amazing to see a place I go by all the time in such a different way.

We decided to walk down the path and it quickly turned into a nightmare. The bike path was long and narrow lined by a barb wire fence and in the winter, surrounded by dead grass. It wasn't a positive surrounding and what really made it worse was as we were walking the distance seemed much farther than it should be, and in walking step by step, physically we should be closer than we were. Its kind of like standing five feet from a wall, taking five steps, and still feeling five feet from the wall. I started over-thinking about this discrepancy, and combined with the negative surroundings started to question my other senses. If I couldnt trust distance, how did I even know I was on the path, and not running my face across the barb wire? It scared me immensely.

Since this batch of shrooms felt so much different, I started to think it was high potency or laced or something, and started thinking about all the information I had read online about people supposedly peeling off thier faces and triggering their latent mental illnesses. At this point I trusted none of my senses and asked if we could head back to the appartment to try to regain my compsure. We got back and I was still scared but was feeling better. One of my friends was in the other room for 10 minutes and came out with a mirror in her hand and look on her face like she had been doing something and didn't realize it. In my negative state, I saw the mirror and thought she had cut herself. I freaked out and went back to my appartment to call my friend who was sober. On the way through the laundry room, I thought I saw blood all over the floor and machines (looking back on it it was mud smeared everywhere).

Luckily my friends were down the street and came back to help me ground myself. At this point I had zero ability to determine what was real. I thought that I had taken too much and triggered some latent scizhophrenia or something. It was three of my friends and I had decided that if I was crazy I would probably be exactly where I was: in my room talking to my three personalities, the superego, ego, and id. I kept trying to ask for new information that I hadn't heard of to try to prove they were real. I thought that I had gone insane and would be like this even when the drug wore off (or that this is the way I have always been). I tried desperately to reason out why they were not in my head, but could not. It was the most terrifying two hours of my life. I was not able to get over it and only came back when the shrooms started to wear off.

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