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9 times, this was the trippiest!!

Alright, I'm Anthony and i have done mush nine times, all different quantities of grams for example my first time i did 5grams, the next 3, then 81/2grams and so on, i weigh approx.

Alright, I'm Anthony and i have done mush nine times, all different quantities of grams for example my first time i did 5grams, the next 3, then 81/2grams and so on, i weigh approx. 135-140, i am 17 but when this trip happened i was 14 so i prob. weighed like 120 then. I started to trip off by eating it straight and washing it down with a slurpy, seeing as how i hate the taste of mush, and 8 1/2 grams later i found myself walking to a park to sit on a bench and smoke a couple dubys, then as it started to kick in i had a huge urge to run around in the back of the park, it was like really fucking tall grass that you couldn't see through when in it, then i layed a bunch of grass down in the middle so it was like a circular area to chill in the middle of a tall grass field, so i lay down and pretty much stay there for 4-5hours having a grand old laughing time with my buddies and smokin like a chimney the whole time, well one of my buddies pukes and wants to go home, so everyone deaks home and i am still trippin pretty good. i get home and stumble to my room and lay on my bed and this is when it all goes horribly wrong, i started hearing a CD from the 1920's being played over and over getting faster and faster all the time until it sounded unrecognizable it was so fast and, it slowly but surely turned into random LOUD, very LOUD noises being made all around my room, actually hurting my ears, and things like my bed being picked up by the end and being dropped happened over and over, and my door being slammed, and my window getting smashed and pretty much anything that could make loud noise was happening all at once for about an hour. then i started to come down or so i thought. I closed my eyes and thats when i completely left reality, i was suspended in darkness, not standing on anything, not around anything, as if it was just my mind in space, no stars or anything tho, just complete darkness and silence. I starting moving in a forward direction, then to the right, then backward, then to the left, happening for about what seemed like half an hour, god only knows how long it really was, and it kept happening faster and faster each time, but gradually, and eventually i was going at least like 200 miles/hour and wanting to puke the whole time, but like a mental puke cause i didn't have a body remember. I went insane for a little bit longer and woke up still all delusional and blurry eyed but on my bedroom floor wrapped up in my comforter, and my bed was a lake of sweat. i eventually made a temporary bed on my floor and fell asleep again and have no memory of any other trippy thing happening that night. woke up in the morning feeling like absolute shit and went on holiday to England lol for three weeks. and believe me, being on the plane that next day had a bit of trippyness to it but nothing potent it was almost out of my system by then. well thats my trip, anyone who bothered to read it is someone i admire for they have obviously had one like this, and i can relate to. I'm too lazy to write about my other trips but i have had about 4bad trips in my life of doing mush 9 times, 2 of them were intensely horrible this being the worse one, and the rest were awesome and alot of laughing.

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