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8g Solitaire

Tripping on heavy doses alone, seems to bring out even the most placid thoughts.

Tripping on heavy doses alone, seems to bring out even the most placid thoughts..This was the first time I have ever puked on mushrooms, and the only time I have reached egoloss. Eating 8 grams on a tuesday night at 11:00pm alone with music, drink and some video's set out was more than what was expected and more stuff "set-out" than needed..Within 45 minutes the waves of nausea were so strong I had to let the fun guys go...After the shrooms flew out my head and into the the head "Plop" things began to step up pretty fast. It seems the usual rising action was surpassed by full on visuals consisting of: Puddles of colors swirling on the ceiling very slow and when they fused together to form another color that color was forced to drip to the carpet causing the carpet to roll and swell like the ocean, strangely this did not make me seasick but did keep me off balance...My fireplace is made of rock and the open eye visuals it normally shows me is a simple lego looking in-out depth perception thing, this time the fireplace actually was moving so intensly the mouth closed completely from time to time...The ceiling fan would slow to a stop on occasion like when as if in a stobe light but when I touched it it was still spinning... I could go on, but here's a few outdoor things I remember..I went out for a breather because I didn't want to stay in so long that I feared outside if you know what I mean. Outside was a different animal, cold and creepy. I watched as the tree tops began to make love, it was an evil love seductive and scary, I watched on as the lovers morphed into enemies and fought each other, the tree's began to sway so violently they actually touched the ground at their tops..I watched some stars play pinball and began to hear very major audible hallucinations..From this point I decided to go back in and get safe. Inside was when the insanity of egoloss began. I turned on the Doors box set, freezing my nose off and began to get bothered by the fact that Jim morrison sounds like Chris Farley, never noticed that before.. I turned the player off and looked at the clock, I remember I got sick at 11:45ish, but I couldn't tell time. Literally the clock was a dial face and I could not figure out a lick of it, so being the educated guy I am I turned on the TV to the preview guide and the time even though in plain #'s was not computing.. This was confusing because normal trips are about "damn where did the time, go or it's only" but no I did not understand..Giving up on time I went to put in a new cd and turn the lights out, thats when it hit me that man created time so time is irrelevant..Sounds good but that led me on a thought loop I can't even explain with no chance of picking a cd out after all this, I put the radio station on a classical station hit the lights and kicked back on the couch..I began having mixed trips, CEV's were unlike any before and my trip was so confusing it is hard to explain. The confusion added with the time loss had me wondering if something was wrong.. The worst feeling I had "Remember this is basically a Good trip gone hardcore"
was I remember asking myself if I ate mushrooms or not, I was at a point to where the confusion was at a peak..Then I began the loss of reality, I will describe it the best I can because alot of poeple say egoloss doesn't exist. As I lay with my eyes closed pondering my consumption the trip begin to look ugly, I have triped quite a few times, so I wasn't scarred so much as confused.. At one point I remember actually telling the trip I was bigger than it, and it couldn't fuck with me..Wrong, things got very strange, I would call this battling the trip, I actually mentally fought the trip until I gave in to it fully with no fear.. I began going in and out of reality almost as if something had sucked me through a colored tube or wormhole, only it is more like your soul is taken and a part of your mind. Once you get through to the plane, it is like an empty space in a space thats not space. It's impossible to describe, but it is there, from here on I can not tell much of the trip except that I was pulled in and out multiple times just knowing when I got back, "I was back" and as I was leaving I new I was leaving again. I don't know how long this went on or how long each loss lasted.. It was definitely a trip though, coming down was like an extreme trip in itself but nothing like what I exerienced.. I would like to say that this trip had a reoccuring theme to it.."I am a good person" That was what everything kept saying throughout the trip.. Also if a trip this powerfull were to go wrong, and you were alone the outcome could be disaterous.. Although, I feel I went out that far becasuse I was alone and nothing could distrtact my mind..Anyway thats my story and thats all I have to say about that.......GOING CRAZY IS THE HARD PART, ONCE YOU GET THERE THE REST IS EASY.......

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