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80 grams Fresh Argentine Cubensis

I consider myself a very experienced tripper.

I consider myself a very experienced tripper. I have been eating mushrooms on a semi-regular basis for about 6 years.
I rarely prepare myself for a trip. I had just harvested 80 g of Argentine cubensis. I didn't have any obligations for the night, I decided to eat them all.
I blended the mushrooms into fruit punch to yield 32 oz of shroomy beverage. I started drinking the beverage @ about 9:30 pm. I was starting to feel the onset of my trip after about 10-15 minutes. I could feel the trip comming on very strong and decided I should lay down on my bed in the dark.
I immediately started having closed eye hallucinations. I cannot fully recall the first portion of my trip. All that I might be able to say about it is that it was a journey through space and time.
Space/time: I experienced what my mind projects as the cycle of space and time. I have seen the same type of images in previous trips, so it was not anything too new to me. I did have some minor insights to the theory I have come to adopt regarding space and time.
For a moment I felt myself as being everything I was not. I felt like my body was in a mold and that I was not my body any longer but the mold itself.
I recall my mind looking outward from w/i a fruiting mushroom in the next room. I felt trapped as I had lost my mobility, I then realised that my mobility had changed. It took a moment for my mind to adjust to what I thought a mushroom might feel like.
My recollection of the trip at this point is very spotty. I remember feeling as if I had seen everything and had experienced everything already. I lost motivation and desire to carry on in the manner I had lived to that point. It seemed as if my life would be different forever. I saw girls at school who I had thought about in a sexual manner. I no longer had desire for them in the same way, it seemed like I had already been with them and had experienced them completely.
There was a portion of my trip in which my body no longer operated correctly. I had the feeling that my dose had somehow pushed me over the edge and that my body would pay for it. I thought I would be a gimp forever. Then I had the vision of my mind being attached to a complex computer control. There was a type of gear that was on my head. I could fly by thinking of different aspects of lift and control. To see if I could control my body I arched my back in some sort of writhing motion. This knocked over my lamp, I found myself horizontally on my bed near my headboard with my head on my night stand.
I thought the comming age would be a crescent age in honor of the crescent. I also thought there was significance to the name Steppenwolf. I became aware of the wolf in me. I used a piece of plastic to scrape the fat from my incisors (K9) teeth.
I started mumbling different words and phrases. I attempted to speak in French and made up an oriental name for myself. I explored my vocal abilities for quite a while it seemed.
I thought a lot of my ex fiance and my ex girlfriends and of my children. They all fused into memories. I had a hard time discerning them as individuals. They were more like shells of memories. They were inanimate. I even talked outloud to some of them thinking I would get an answer.
There is more, but it is too deep to try to place into words. Most of what I explained here occured 3-6 hours into my trip. I cannot fully recall the first 3 hours of my trip.
I will probably try this again sometime.
The negative aspects of this trip were a mild headache that lasted 30 hrs, and some tissue damage to my gums from scraping my teeth.

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