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5 grams = level 5

My friends and I had recently been talking about tripping again.

My friends and I had recently been talking about tripping again. I have tripped 4-5 times now but every time it has been around level 4 or below. When i heard that a buddy of mine had 2 1/2 oz for sale i knew it was the time to go beyond. 4 of us (i will just use nick names) mcchad, burch, shaggy and myself all decided to go for the journey. I ended up getting 5 grams while mchad and burch each got an 1/8 and it was the first time shaggy had ever tripped so he decided to only eat 2 grams. Well originally our plan was to eat them real earlier like around 12 in the afternoon, becuase pretty much every time i have tripped its been at 8 p.m or later so i wanted to take a different approach this time. We decided to go to our friend Card's, thats his name, house and chill there for a while. I had a lot more shrooms than everyone else so i was thinking of what to do. We came up with the idea that i would eat half of my stash now, 2 1/2 grams, and half later. Mcchad, burch and shaggy all had to drive so they were goin to wait till 5 o clock and we were gunna go back to my friends house and just chill there. If i can remember right i ate half my mushies at about 12:50 or so. Withing 10 mintues i could feel them inside me. My arms felt kinda weird and i knew within the next half hour or so i would be ready. Card wanted to see me trip so being the generous person he was we went and smoked sum herb out of his bong. This was some pretty good bud so as soon as we were done with the first bowl it hit me. Now, 2 1/2 grams isnt goin to get you to level 5, but trust me i will get to that later. So Card's room has a bunch of grateful dead pics and stuff becuse this kid is pretty much just a big fuckn stoner, so once the visuals came on it was pretty cool to see. I sorta started to wig out a little bit then cuz for sum reason i just thought that i was high but then i realized that i was actually tripping and this was goin to last a long fuckn time. Every time i have tripped i have been in the confinments of a house so this was goin to be completley different. I was pry at about level 2 at this point, and we decided to go to a park in our town that a lot of stoners hang out at. I rode with my friend shaggy and while we were in the car everythign was way fuckn cool, but still i was pry only at about level 2 or 3 right now. When we got to the park we went and saw sum guy with a guitar sitting at a picknick table and shaggy said he knew him, so we decided to go over there. When we first got there, there was an awkward silence and shaggy's so called "friend" wasnt saying jack shit and i didnt know if i should tell him i was tripping so i kinda just tried to act normal, which was way fuckn hard. It was a real nice day outside tho and for sum reason i started to analyze my role in society. Sumtimes when im baked i wil do the same thing, try to figure out how people see you, are you a stoner, a jock, you know w/e. So then this guy starts to losen up a little bit and asks if we had any bud or "drugs" shaggy had sum but that was for smoking later so we just said no. Anyways shaggy asked if he could play the guys guitar and he did. Shaggy is pretty fuckn good at the guitar and its always bad ass to hear him play when ever ur fuckned up on anyting. He started playing "breate" by Pink Floyd and boy let me tell u that fuckn song got lodged in my mind for the rest of the fuckn night. So then all of the sudden this lexus rolls up and this old guy and his dog get out. We later found out he was 56 years old. So he comes over and starts talkin to us. At first i thot this guy wsa just a peacful old man and then we got to talkin to him and found out different. This was all kind of a blur cuz i was tripping kinda hard now but to sum it up. This fuckn crazy guy explaind to us that he was a roadie with The Doors. I just fuckn looked at him in shock and he was surprised to hear that we hear of them. But classical rock is that shit so i know all those bands and this guys must of just been fuckn nuts. He said that he was a guitar tuner and even tuned Jim Morrison's guitar! Now we live in a pretty small town in Michigan so for this guy to have toured witht The Doors and shit is just fuckn crazy. He took the guitar and was testing it out, i dont play the guitar so i dunno what he was doin but shaggy told me that what it was was insane and that the guy must of been a guitar genius. For sum reason, being around this guy made me think that we were in the 60's and although i was the only one tripping, i felt like everyone else was too. This mother fucker was way cracked out tho, his face woudl spasim all the time and he talked about sum crazy shit, liek how he used to go to colombia to get sum of the best fuckn cocain out there and then he explianed to us how to make that into the best crack on the market. I dont do crack cuz thats just fucked up but i mean if u would of been there and seen this guy, he was just fuckn crazy. Shaggy kept looking over and laughing at me and then he woudl just ask dude, what the fuck are u thinking, this guy is fuckn crazy. Well this man's name was Jeffrey Davis, if you have heard of this man for sum reason please tell me cuz i dunno if this guy was famous at one point or sumthing, lol i dunno i guess you had to be there. See we go to this park kind of a lot and u dont just meet people that have been a roadie for the fuckn Doors. Jeffrey also told us about how he was a hippie back in the day and he would walk aroud wiht a fuckn flower and shit and preach about peace during vietnam. But to meet this guy on fuckn shrooms just made my day. Lol at one point he called mcchad a beautiful child, hippie talk i guess. I also talked to jeffrey about Woodstalk back in the day and that sounded like that must of been badass. So anyways it had been about 3 hours now and meeintg this fuckn guy had just made my head go insane. Then i remembered i still had 2 1/2 grams to eat left! So we finally decide to go back to burches house. The other 3 eat their shrooms and i eat my other 2 1/2 g still tripping on about a level 3. We get back to burches and are sitting outside on his deck. Mcchad was obvioiusly starting to feel it becuase he was just laughing at dumb shit. I notice that i started to trip harder to. Things were begginging to warp liek fuckn crazy. Then all of the sudden my phone rang and it was my friend craig. For sum dumb reason we thought we woudl call him over cuz he didnt know we were tripping and we wanted to see how he woudl react. So then we remeber about shaggy's bud that he had and we decide to whip it out. Just then craig arrives and we just start talkin about dumb shit. craig thinks were all drunk or sumhing but then mcchad or sumone told him that we were tripping. I couldnt help wonder what craig woudl of thought, cuz we were all pretty fucked up. So we are sitting there talkin and passin the bowl around and it seems liek 5 mintures or so. I look at chad whos holding the bowl and i tell him to smoke. Burch says that this bud must be pretty good cuz this bowl has gone around a pretty long time. At that point, craig, whos not tripping, whips out his phone and says "Do you relize this bowl has gone around for 45 mintues. My jaw litterally dropped. I swear it must of been at the most 5. 45 fuckn minutes! After we finally finished the bowl its when things really started to hit me. I hadnt really peaked at any point in time witht he first 2 1/2 grams but when i went inside we turned on the pink floyd and it just fuckn hit me. Everythign was warping liek crazy and my mind was liek fuckn mush. I had never tripped as hard as i was right now so i thot i was peaking, i was wrong. It just kept getting stronger and stronger. YOu could of put Carmen Electra naked in front of me and i wouldnt of known what to do. When my eyes were open things were warping so bad i just had to close them becuase i couldnt make sense of what was goin on. My trip just kept getting stronger and stronger. Now, i have read level 5 trip reports before and when people says they lost all touch wiht reality i never knew what it ment, untill now. Pink Floyd was still playing and the music was just taking me away. I fell onto the ground and it felt liek my face was melting into the carpet. This is when it happened. Im gunna do my best to explain this but its gunna be hard. It was like i was in space, there was no stars or planets but it was liek black atmostsphere. I was spinning and crazy desings were just coming out of every direction. One design that i remember was liek a huge pyramid of human skulls, this was not scary, but the prymaid itself had to be the size of a two story out. It just shot up from out of no where adn then flew back adn out of veiw. Color full streams of energy were popping up from out of no wehre and woudl just keeping going up untill i lost site of them. Then i opened my eyes and burch and craig were looking at me. "What the fuck are you doing man" they both said. I had come back for a little while and i could not comprehend what just happened. I managed to walk into a nother room where everyone else was sitting. The room had big red leather couches wiht a cream accent on the walls. The room was fuckn crazy to say the least. Then it happened again. I closed my eyes and the weirdest fuckn feeling came over me. My eyes were closed but an even darker black came over them and my face went kind of cold. Even though people were talking i couldnt here them. I shouted "did sumone just turn off the lights!" and then it happened agian. I went into the strange atmospheric space i explained and more shit just popped up and out. it as the most wonderful thing in the world and i never wanted it to end. WHen i opened my eyes i would be back in the real world and closing them i lost touch wiht reality. I had finally realized what the people ment and i loved it. Im not sure how long i did this for but i remember i fell between a seat and armoir and must of layed there for at least 20 mintues tripping my fuckn balls off. When i finally stopped peaking so hard, i was still tripping my ass off but was in contact with reality, i started talking to burch. Now this may not make sence to anyone else, but it did to me. The song "Who Are You" by the Who came on and burch looked at me just fucking around and said "dude, who are you" It was at this time that i relized the secrets of the universe, or I shouldnt say that. I relized how the world works. I told you before that all day at the park i was thinking of who i was in society and who everyone else was. Becuase jeffrey davis wanted to talk about polotics and other issues and stuff to see what teenagers were liek these days, yeah i know hes fucked up. So then i hear this song and its liek Who are You? You see who you are and what you do determines how life works. for instance the terroriest of 9 /11 are fuckn peaces of shit and becuase theya re peaces of shit it caused all sorts of things. Now, thats looking at the big picture but who the people of the world are determines how it worked. This may not make sense to you but it did to me and it was amazing. Now ive been ramblin on now so i will just leave it at this. I recomend anyone eating mushrooms to eat A LOT. Cuz whe i did was amazing and if you have eat'n alot you know what im talking about. So trip hard, or go home. And Jeffrey davis is crazy

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