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48 hours-no sleep-1/2oz of mushrooms=me being f*cken wrecked

well it all started out with me planning my 18th birthday party, i didn't really do anything in the years past so i thought i should have the time of my life.

well it all started out with me planning my 18th birthday party, i didn't really do anything in the years past so i thought i should have the time of my life...well it didn't really work out to be the time of my life like i hoped for, me and my japanese buddy toshi H. decided to buy an oz of mush off our dealer, with the theory more is better then less, we got to our destination, browns river falls which is a real nice camping spot on vancouver island in the comox valley, me toshi and a half dozen of our friends, dealer included all took some mush, little did we know they all brought there own and our dealer also poped two hits of acid, i don't think i need to say how he was bouncing off the wall that night, bgut anyways, me and toshi had an eigth each and had an awesome trip where we tripped on the reflection of the moon on the water and the rapidly spinning foam in the powerful current which seemed to be an incredible shape that swirled and danced like nothing else could....my buddy Ben had to work during the day but i told him That i would give him a ride out there that night, so I stayed true to my word and stumbled back to my car thru the pitch black woods and some how got to his place where we decided it was much more important to smoke all the pot we humanly could...and then played halo till the sun came up, i realised i should be getting back to the camp site, but ben also had to work this day so he said he felt bad for not coming out that night and to make it up to me he gave me 3 more grams of mush, this was awesome cuz my mush high had finally come completly down, so i took them and thankfully ate them, when i returned the the campsite all the guys were stiull there and sound asleep, so i smoked a doob and waited for them to get up...my dealer and his cuz. got up and anted to get some more mushrooms, so we went to his suppliers house and picked up anouther eigth for him and little did I know his supplier was one of my very old friends, so she gave me a mushroom which was 2.8 grams, as a b-day present, i mowed that down on the drive back to the campsite and whn i realised i was still only a little bit stoned i made a shroom dog with anouther eigth in it and two shroom subs with an eitgh in each on so i know finished my mushrooms and 5.8 grams more which was just givin to me, so 19.8 grams in a span of about 16 hours, after i finish my last shroom dog i glanced at my watch and was horrified to see that only 45 mins had passed since i originally left from bens house, i thought my watch battery was low cuz it seemed like several hours, but little did I realise that i was still fucked up and time simply slowed down...so here I am with almost 20 grams floating thru my system and an eigth from the night before was at the time the most i had ever done at once. so there I was getting higher and higher by the minute from 12:30 to 9 o'clock was when I finally stopped getting higher, and it wasn't amazing or anything, but things were just confusing, every aspect of everything was utter confusion, and then my friend convinced me to drive....some how we made it to the car with no flash lights (usually it would take about 15mins walk, but it took us about 45 mins, and in my state of mind it came to the point where I forgot that there was such a thing as light and such a thing as a world outside the forest)...anyways, i got to my car still wrapped up in a sleeping bag and got in turned it on and sat there, and listened to some pink floyd, comfortably numb and time were the two songs i listened to before i put into drive, i went about 50ft. stopped and turned to my buddy and said, you're not on anything....YOU FUCKEN DRIVE........i rememeber waking up at bens house and not really knowing anything from then on...it was so weird the entire time, as if i dreamt it, where you kinda sit back and watch all these things which should make sence but don't and you don't really do alot of interacting because you're too confused

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