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40 Dried Grams!

Rather rough, was written down 2 days after this happened - Joshua tree during an early Easter.

Rather rough, was written down 2 days after this happened - Joshua tree during an early Easter. Took place in a rough granite canyon, with a safe sacred space, dry - no water nearby. I was very clean psychically and physically, extensively prepared. 40 dry grams in a sacred manner.

First part. Apparency of traveling through molecular structure. Apparently DNA, and the meetings with other people were at apparently at the intersecting coils of nuclear matter. A scintillating shaped cloud over-all a pink-violet in color. The atomic bonds were visible as color intensifications of those particular colors present in the immediate surrounding areas. Different elements appeared in different areas of one molecule and in various percentages to each other, this perceived as one cause of the overall color, the second being the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Nuclear sounds were audible going into these colored areas. Once again as with the colored patterns that was the DNA sound too varied with the bonding structure passed through. It had feelings of the most electronic/alive OM. I could perceive 7 different tones each in varying amounts and tones, pitch bend caused by acceleration through life's atomic soup. Meeting others there. At the intersections of the coiling DNA where it folds through itself in order to conserve space without sacrificing energy level is an area where there can be apparent physical and mental communication with other beings aware of these gates. There was apparent real time communication with several in my group and with others I do not know and weren't in our camp.

The use of words to affect the perceived environment visually and sonically. Emerging from the nuclear matter into flux and usual perceived world began emerging into focus into a more normal manner. Across the canyon were granite boulders piled to the sky all colored by a particularly beautiful desert sunset. Pinks and greens and ambers, Hera swathed the canyon walls with her delicate veils causing them to become translucent and malleable. Upon exclaiming "how beautiful" I heard the echo time in the canyon and saw how the words uttered out loud affected the perceived visual reality. I tried several words and immediately found that some words had almost no effect, while others had great effect. Simple words of only one meaning had the least effect, while multisyllabic words ranged from least effect when non-organic to more when organic, people and finally the most effect when referring to mankind archetypal names and those of the Christ and various deities. The singing evolved into vast prayer spaces calling on the glory of Christ. By using the echo time of my voice in the canyon walls and timing the prayer to that, audibly the size of the space became both more silent and larger. The birds singing helped to create this space. There appeared there to be a certain size of the universe, as that was the size at the end of each prayer, beyond which voice would not enlarge. There seemed to be a red-out between 500 billion light years and 1000 billion light years beyond which no praise to the glory of Christ would stop. At those points the phrase "the heat death of the universe" would cause the entire perception of the colored cliffs to redden and become very full, focusing into the more normal canyon scene with a corresponding shrinkage of the perceived aural space into an earthly regular echo. I did this prayer and variations on it for many eons/minutes.

The death and re-awakening at sunrise in a different time/space. Feeling good. Prayer. The changing landscape and my conscious manipulation of the reality perceived.

During the last "heat death of the universe" prayers I became more and more peaceful with myself and realized that there were no ties really binding me on the earth. My glasses fell down between the rocks on which I was camped and I no longer cared. All of my physical/legal/psychic shoelaces were tied. In a very beautiful way with no fear I just snuggled up into my sleeping bag and totally released into death. (I could feel this approach of death almost like a runaway freight train bearing down with no way to get off the tracks, it was very physical, the majesty, like Krishna talking to Arjuna on the battlefield.)

I was reborn in a glorious dawn and I knew that I had left an empty chrysalis, my old body on a cliff side somewhere in space and time and at the same time I could remember the many times that I had done this after ceremonies similar to those I had been going through with this loving group of people. So many times I have gone to the desert full knowing before hand that I was going there to die and knowing that all those people were gathered in our little community to facilitate this passing over of the spirit between bodies. Even though a body death experience was never really mentioned in the group it became apparent to me that that was the real reason we assembled. The wonder of wonderful human beings. (This summer I came upon a place I immediately recognized. It had been used some lifetimes ago for a death transition group gathering. I even found the exact point where I transitioned.)

A little disorientated by the death upon awakening I was looking out upon early morning's glow. It was immediately apparent that I was not in the same physical/temporal space as California 1986! Those were the Tetons across a broad grassy valley with a brook running. It was 20,000 years ago. I watched the beauty unfold in the strengthening morning light and then shifted space but not time to the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. The grass was green with very few rocks around and I knew I was in Sinks Canyon, but many years ago. I was consciously attempting to create a more pristine harmonious world to return to.

Running down the mountain/flat slope to join the reality. As this area firmed up and I became more awake I had to re-invent speech, this caused details to become apparent. I yawned got up and ran down to the flowing stream through tall waving green grass, calling for my tribal group. I marveled at the very clear air and the quality of silence. No radio waves in my body. This was a much more empty world than that I had left behind in last lifetime. This was a very benign land with plenty of water and game and there were people within a week's walk of where I was.

I tossed off my clothes. I figured that in a world such as this one I needed no clothes and I also felt unbalanced and out of place wearing them. Very happy I begin running to where there would be people and soon become lost. Loosing my way and being hungry I begin looking for something to eat and can find nothing and soon 5 days becomes a long distance to walk even in a benign land. This slightest hesitation and attempt at rationality began to affect the world and to cause it to become more hostile. I lose the stream and the deciduous tress and shrubs are gone and it becomes dry I become less and less able to maneuver through what is rapidly turning into a more dry climate, soon there is a cactus. Many times I give up completely after days of wandering in the wilderness and just lay down and die. In this method of becoming less and less able to interact with my environment in a coherent fashion and then dying because of exposure in those hostile environments I moved up through the time stream and around the globe. (Europe in the German forests in the 1600's, Japan in the 1200's) All this time I am calling out to anyone present or not present to come and help me. At first the calls for help are not of much power but as shear terror fills my being the calls become very real and powerful. Full lungs of sound. I pray to Christ and call on those beautiful people around me. Becoming muddy and bloody in this process I realized after many times that I couldn't proceed in this fashion any longer and I decided to attempt to put order into my time travel. Just by deciding to impose my will upon my environment once again worked.

I began bending large cycles of time with a process very reminiscent of the hypercoiling of proteins and DNA; I could increase the amount of energy vision available to actually effect shift into California 1986. I seems that I was able to encompass time in all it's fullness and by applying will to bend it back upon itself and in doing so create a body of time with an intrinsically higher energy than a time with no folding. I kept folding about 15 times each time the universe gaining energy and decreasing in physical size. The last folding yielded such a high energy universe that all just became flux. Creating a big bang I guided with body memory the recreation of California 1986. For this to be complete I knew I needed to stay awake till the dawn, for even though initially from big bang the time stream flowed very fast, as it approached present time closely the rate of time speed would fall off until at the beginning of the new day forward processing time would precisely balance backward flowing time to create the flux of the present. I knew I could not stay on the stream bed for the whole night because knew not what creatures and plants were there and I knew to got to a more protected place.

I ran up the canyon wall jumping from boulder to boulder while no longer light as a feather like I was earlier but with slightly more mass manifested in both the organic and inorganic worlds. (Earlier all mass had been just energy and I had been able to effect trampoline style jumps from neon energy pillow to neon energy pillow - no effort, no body, just pure consciousness) Jumping from one boulder to another I fell through the rocks and regained senses and will. With one sudden fall the world became very solid and the remainder of the climb was one of great pain and many slippages. I ended up perching on rock on the East wall. No sooner than I sit down on my warrior's perch then a large UFO came flying west to east directly overhead, very slow and silent, it was in the shape of a capital T with serrifs and large red lights shown downwards, one at each serrif. I was not scared at all having just came through a much more terrifying time and distinctly remember thinking of "what else can happen now?"

Laughing and trying to clean up, I assess body damage and come up with an inventory of cactus thorns and plenty of superficial scrapes and bleeding but with no broken bones. I spit out the sand in my mouth when I "saw" Brother John in front of me asking why I wasn't taking care of those creature comforts over which I still did have control. Slowly the thorns were removed and the mud and blood were licked off where I could reach them. The full humor of my situation struck me and I began a conversation with myself at first to keep me from being so afraid and then breaking out in full guffaws at the conversation and my incredible stupidity at running down a mountain side in the dark with no clothes on.

About an hour passed and a 2nd UFO showed itself briefly between the canyon walls to the south. Rain began soon after the 2nd sighting and since it was very light and I was still very high it didn't bother me over much. I passed most all this time in gusty laughter.

A couple of hours passed and my feet were getting cold with no feeling and the rain showed no sign of quitting so as soon as I was able to discern between rocks and spaces and plants I began moving laterally with great difficulty across the cliff to my sleeping bag. It soon became apparent that I was nowhere near the sleeping bag and the more I explored and the more the cliff walls became California the more it seemed like I was on the wrong wall of the canyon. I hoped it was the right canyon.

Moving into the valley because of more rain and after considerable searching for the correct stream bed and not finding it I found shelter under a Juniper tree. I became very concerned with exposure and not being able to make it till morning without falling asleep from the cold (4000 foot elevation, early spring). I knew that because of the calculus of infinite approaches I dared not fall asleep for any reason or I might not wake up in California. Covering my neck, back, shoulders, and feet I created a micro-climate for warmth out of the old bark shreds around the base of my Juniper Tree.. I also began praying to and communing with the Christ being I had been so close to a few hours and lifetimes ago. Seeing North star became my holy Grail as I became more cold. Finally after 30 - 45 minutes the rain clouds briefly opened and shortly I was able re-orient myself. As soon as I found the right gully I became violently sick, throwing up in relief/fright. Quickly I found my way to the sleeping bag and other clothes such that I had. I kept vigil till sunup, when I was absolutely sure of where I was.

f. Animal sounds during east wall and west wall trips. I heard several owls very late in the night as well as what was probably a coyote walking by and many little chewing sounds that were probably mice or night birds. Frogs sounded all night till just before the first morning light.

Morning light and the retrieval of clothes. I had to wrap my feet in bandanas for protection, they were very cut up and swollen from climbing the rough rocks during the night. Found my glasses. Took 30 minutes to find my clothes and shoes. I had been wandering in circles the whole time the night before judging from the footprints. It was a wonder that I hadn't came across them.

If this all sounds a little giddy, it was beyond anything I've ever experienced. I haven't read this account in years and was surprised at my fear, I haven't kept that memory. It is very difficult to describe the meeting of people at the DNA intercises, or how to hypercoil time, or how to die over and over to get where you need to go. This experience has affected my long term outlooks on reality though, what I perceive as real, and the fact of the incredible plasicity of the real.

Part two - written summer of 97 in response to questions about the original post.

>> First part. Apparency of traveling through molecular structure. >> Apparently DNA, and the meetings with other people were at apparently >>at the intersecting coils of nuclear matter.

>I see the DNA coils or whatever they are--I see the >dance of the mayan glyphs--one metaphor or another-- >it's probably the same thing. I'm gearing up for >being able to do more than just grin at them--this >gate thing--can you say more about that?

I personally feel that the molecular structure vision is different than the Mayan glyphs vision. It's been my experience that the glyphs are easier to work with using voicing and pitch and power words. While they seem to exist in and of their own right, that topological space is very responsive to human interaction, and easier to access. The DNA space, words I use for lack of a better descriptor, didn't have that fluid plasticity of flowering life. (Yes I'm mixing metaphores here). While attention and will are effective within the DNA space, the mechanics are very different than the Mayan space. I've been in the DNA space only a couple of times, accessed only on very high dosages. The second time was the one of the story. At that time I had been a 10 year lucid dreamer and was sucessfully working with flying and colored and clear lights consciously emitted from the fingertips. The light being either a force operating on moving matter around within the matrix, or a means of accreting matter into form. In the DNA space I found those flying and colored light emission techniques very handy to move around through the matrix. Another difference between the Mayan glyph space and the DNA space is that the glyph space seems to be electrically neutral to the body. (the body defined in these cases as the immediate area surrounding the apparent sensory emission and receiving point - I don't usually haul the meat with me into those spaces). By electrically neutral I refer to the experience that one seems to be able to move freely and without any stickiness or slickness in regards to the proximity/distance of any the glyphs within the dance. This is very different in the DNA space. There is an electrical charge (again using a convienient word) that causes a certain perceptual stickiness and slickness as one's attention point/body manuvers within the matrix. This stickiness isn't profound, I didn't feel as though I would be stuck to anything, but there was effort involved as I used the tractor and repellor beams to move. [Just a side thought here, when I read Dr. Lightning's account of the being composed of universes the internally evoked pictures were similar to those of my experience. I wonder if the stickiness I felt could have been gravity, and my confusion was just one of scale? But then this was definitely not a oneness/oceanic/godhead experience, this was a place, just like Earth is a place.] I found that one could use techniques similar to those used in casting man-made objects out of the solar system, using gravity slingshots, but in this case carooming intelligently through the perceptual stickiness and slickness - conserving energy. So finally to the gate thing.

>>It is very difficult to describe the meeting of people at the DNA intercises,

>Yes, how did you get through the gates?

It really wasn't a matter of going through the gates. I was just now going to say that window would be a better word, but that isn't right either. When the DNA hypercoiled through itself to conserve physical space it seemed as though certain of the atoms became pivot points for several different vectors of coil - coils which normally would be some distance apart. It could be like Terence speaks of about - the superconductivity of the molecule, I'm not sure. Those coil intersections obtained high enough vibratory factor, by whatever means, to allow the complex out-flowering of human form and personality. I remember very distinctly of being surprised at meeting other beings, but realized that this area was a hang-out for those who understood and had the ability to work with the tremendous energies involved. The spatial structure of the emanation gates didn't have a readily discernable crystalline form, and not all the gates were being used. I encountered maybe 15 people there and had the distinct idea that the area was a sort of "coffee house" maintained by those present at any given point of time - the key to entry being the knowledge and use of the tools necessary to create and maintain the space.

When I first went into that space, the structure was uncoiled, I had to catalyse the intial coiling, using light and matter structures streaming from my hands, then the structure finished on its own into a hypercoil at rest state. You have to, I think, hypercoil the structure in order to realize the gate state. The first time in the DNA space I didn't have the tools or the understanding about the hypercoiling and consequently the structure didn't have the energy punch necessary to create those nodal gates.

Time hypercoils too then it is very easy to time travel by using the nodal intersection points to jump from place time to place time. But you have to remember that time is logarithmic - I learned that when I overshot Calif 1986 in the story.

This whole experience was one that taught me absolutely that in order to move within, or work with the matrix, whether it is matter or time, whether it is of low or high vibration, one has to be very centered and relaxed. These places are not about thinking about doing something then doing it, they are about pure doing and certainty of action. If one begins questioning the matix and abilities being manifested, ie, if the chattering monkey of analytical thought rears its cute little hairy head, there is a good chance of the immediate maninfestation of those very spookey late bardo states - and then you've got to deal with those scenarios and beings - uncomfortable indeed, unnecessary, and shall I say, somewhat embarassing?

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