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3 Hours of Simple Bliss!

Date of Voyage: May 24 2006 Dose: 2 grams of P.

Date of Voyage: May 24 2006
Dose: 2 grams of P. cyanescens
Weight: 125 lbs
Gender: Female
Age: 40

At the beginning of this week I got a rare opportunity. I was to be home alone for ten days, and you couldn't ask for better weather! I decided it was time to do some work on myself. On Monday I went on a 12 mile hike that involved a 3000 foot elevation gain. I used a trail that hardly anyone uses and saw a Bobcat for the first time in my life. Another first time sighting was the Rattle snake that I almost stepped on! I was so lucky, it didn't even rattle off at me. I slowly backed off from it, but I was determined to get to the overlook which was only 40 feet away, and it was determined that it like the rocks it was sunning itself on! I kept a careful eye on the snake, made my way to the overlook and sat and ate lunch while admiring the beautiful view. We co-existed peacefully! All these encounters with nature was already putting me in an altered state.

I was going to ingest that night, but I was so exhausted that I put the trip off till the next night. An 8 mile hike is usually the maximum that I do. I wanted the sunrise to be a part of the experience so I ate the 'shrooms at 3:17 AM. I mixed them with just enough honey to make them palatable. I had several Binar (Electronic - Berliner School) CDs, my notebook, and my sleeping bag all arranged on the deck in my backyard. There is one of the oldest mountains in existence that looms very close by that I could see from my position. I just moved here several months ago, and I was hoping to have a deep connection with this natural setting that I love so much, as well as work on some personal issues. It didn't quite work out that way though. I normally would use only a gram of these things to get the results I prefer. I like to be coherent enough to write stuff down. These mushrooms were a year old, so I thought the potency was reduced. I doubled the dose to compensate. They were cracker dry,and stored in a glass jar. Apparently they were still quite potent!

The milky way never looked this awesome before! There were quite a few shooting stars that night too. Then the effects started to happen and I saw two milky ways, another one was perpendicular to the real one. I felt a strong pressure on my solar plexus and I saw a lot of yellow light when I closed my eyes. I felt that I was receiving a healing. For some reason, I thought "why only yellow? We did orange 2 years ago when my battery was repaired" A thought form replied by saying "If you want this to happen faster, you shouldn't keep putting off these sessions"
(There were a few times since my last trip I thought of doing it again, but I always had an excuse to put it off (not the right mindset etc.) My last trip was a year or so ago.)
Then something said "smile" and I did. I opened my eyes and the trees were swaying like hula dancers, and all kinds of weird stuff was happening in the sky which is pretty much the usual 'shroom Aurora Borealis, but more intense this time. I looked for the mountain, and it was gone! That was really bizarre because ever thing else was in place where it should be, even though it was all hula dancing!

I closed my eyes again and the yellow light got brighter and brighter, then there was pink and then briefly purple. Then I was ascending; higher than my favorite mountain that was MIA, higher than Mount Everest. I was "out there" and yet I was connected with everything. I suddenly realized(actually imagined otherwise I wouldn't be writing this!) that I wasn't breathing, and that I hadn't for quite some time. This should have freaked me out but it didn't. I was connected to everything, including God, and it just felt so right! I had ascended into bliss, and if I was going to be trapped like this forever, I was all for it! This was awesome! I was dead ad OK with it! Nothing in the physical plane mattered to me at all, but maybe I should try breathing. OK, that still works, but it wouldn't have mattered if it didn't. The physical world of reality seemed like a dream that I had awakened from. Something told me that this was what I worked so hard for, and that I had graduated, and earned it. [I feel so silly writing this now!] Several times I felt like I stopped breathing, and then would only breathe after a long period of time went by. I thought that my Mom would return home to find me dead with a shit eating grin on my face, but it didn't concern me. I didn't want to move or open my eyes because I wanted to stay in this state. This was complete ego death.

I slowly became aware of the morning corus of birds, and the machinery of people working on the bridge. I was back in the "real" world again. I opened my eyes, and there was that mountain, right where I had left it before I ate the shrooms. It was 7:30AM. It is really hard to say for sure how much time I spent in that bliss state, but I would guess it was about 3 hours. I could hardly walk and felt exhausted, but by 10:00 I felt real good, and had more energy than normal. I even went for a walk in the woods. Everything seemed so fresh, new and alive that day. I didn't get any divine messages during that trip, but I feel that the experience did me a lot of good in ways that I can't express.

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