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2nd time...can't remember

The first time I shroomed, I did about a third of 1/4.

The first time I shroomed, I did about a third of 1/4. This time, wanting to intensify the experience, I figured that I could handle 1/8. Besides, I had heard that each time you shroom, the more u need to feel the effects. There was 5 of us tripping, 3 of us girls who did 1/8, and 2 guys doing 1/16. We started by doing a jello shot so we'd relax. Then, my friend notified us that the grout on the bathroom floor was all different colors. At that time, I had only seen a little bit of colors. 45 mins into the trip, we started seeing the colors more and more strongly. Because there were 5 of us, it started getting noisy and I got kinda freaked out so I went outside to calm myself down, which worked. When I got back inside, I got really scared of my friends and myself cuz I didn't feel like I did the last time...I just wanted it quiet and I wanted everyone to leave for some reason (in sober life, I really like these people). When I looked into a mirror, I saw myself looking obese (which im not) and was kinda grossed out by the sight of myself. Whenever i tried listening to what someone had to say, i couldnt follow. The last thing I remember from that night was seeing patterns of colors and seeing things move around. After that I believe I lost touch with reality. Everything I thought about something, I believed that one of my friends said it (in actuality that didnt happen)or it happened. For instance, I was afraid that the cops were gonna come busting in and as soon as i thought that, I heard someone banging on the door. I remember looking outside and thinking that it was snowing when in actuality, it wasn't. When I looked at the clock it just seemed like the time wouldn't change at all. The weirdest part came after when I thought that I was schizo and that the friends that were with me were just all a figment of my imagination...like they didn't exist. I totally lost touch w/ where I was... and I didn't know who my friends were for awhile, thinking that they were different people. I kept trying to figure out where I was for a good while until finally I came to the conclusion that I had gone insane and that I was in a mental hospital or something and everything i saw was in my head. Then I started thinking maybe I had died or had slipped into a coma or something. I thought that all the memories that had come to mind about my life were all made up as well... like nothing seemed real to me. All of my reality became an illusion. The whole time that I slipped out of reality, I can't recall what I was doing or saying or anything. It's like even though i was awake, my mind blacked out or something. When I started coming back to reality, it took me awhile to figure out where I was and who I was with and i found myself staring and clutching a wall...being as the wall was white, i figured maybe i was in a mental hospital and i was just waking up. i got up all of a sudden and my friend (who was also still tripping) was talking to me but i couldnt pay any attention. i was still snapping back into life. as i got up, i remember looking at my hands and thinking they were the weirdest looking things ever. When i talked to everyone the next day, they all said they had a good time and i didnt understand why. I was a bit weirded out. Apparently, i tripped harder than everyone else and so i had a completely different experience. As weird as it was, I don't believe I'd call it a bad trip cuz I didn't freak out or anything....Just a very strange one.

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