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This is the first time I had really got anything from mushrooms. The first time I had just eaten a little and colors were brighter and I felt hyper and happy. This time I ate about 3.5 grams of weak shrooms I guess. Within about 40 min. of eating them the effects were really apparent. First it started with the ground breathing, and I could see colors where there weren't any. Well, we got in the car and started driving. The body high hit me, I felt very loose and kind of empty inside, like my organs had vacated me. The car seemed to have weird dimensions and the different parts of it seemed disconnected somehow. Well we decided to go play pool. By this time the mushrooms were in full effect. I was talking very loudly and was just talking and talking and talking. I found it very easy to socialize with strangers. Well we went to play pool. I couldn't pick the right table because all of them seemed to have large bumps or waves in them. Then I realized I was just fucked up on drugs and just picked one. It was very hard to concentrate. I was easily distracted by anything. When I went to hit the ball, the ball would shrink without shrinking, the table would pull back really far, and sometimes the other balls would inch over to a different place, which made it quite difficult to play pool well. My companions' eyes were fully dilated and I assumed mine were too. Anyways we left and went outside. We were talking to these people we knew, and their facial dimensions kept changing and stuff, it was quite weird. The tip of this guy's nose would bend over to the left, then the right and wouldn't stop changing. I decided I wanted to drive my truck so I made my companions drop me off at my truck and got in. The steering wheel felt weird, the seat felt weird, everything felt very weird. The dimensions of the car kept on warping and everything and I had some tracers from the speedometer and such. The hood seemed to extend out very far in front of me. I started driving, and it was very easy. I didn't experience any trouble or anything, even though I was tripping pretty hard. Even when I saw cops I was calm the whole time. Shrooms seem to give me a lot of confidence. Well I got tired of driving and went to go bother my friends at work. They came out and instantly recognized me as tripping and gave me a tripping mission. I went a'missioning but became distracted by the toy store's lights across the street and sat on a bench where I realized that: 1) Cars are funny. 2) Legs are weird. and 3) There was some maniac standing on the corner screaming. I decided to go chat with the loony, but not before summoning my friends. We smoked a bowl to prepare and went to talk to him. He was a short brutish man ranting about how god will beat you to death, hell fire and brimstone, etc. He would not acknowledge us. I was insulted. We decided someone should poke him. So I walked up and poked him. He turned around and stared at me and started ranting about partying and smoking dope and whatnot, and about that time a bus containing the girls soccer team from the highschool drove by and we were summoned by them to meet them at the highschool for some lovin. I was high and stoned and sex on shrooms is very strange. The End.

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