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23EQs,rue,first trip

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ok this is how my night started out on my first trip me being stupid started out with a good dose like um 5 average shrooms of the ecuador strian and being unexperanced i wasnt feeling anything so i ate more then about 20 mins after that i was kinda stoned like feeling i had a major body high but it still wasnt enof for me so i decied to take more no visuals still so i got very impatent and i finally in all took about 23 ecuadors with rue so the first hour or so i was chating on the shroomery chat room and i was seeing no visuals so i got discouraged for awhile there the body high just kept coming on harder and harder until all that i could to is chat that was a task in its self so about a hour after that is when the fun started i was getting mad because i worked so hard to get shrooms and alls that i get was a damn body high right about then when i was looking at the computer screen some of the letters turned diffrent colors i stared hard to see if i just imaged it but then nothing happened so then i looked away at the wall and its started waveing back and forth a bit and thats when i knew it was going to begin this is about the point where all hell broke lose my mom stared banging on my door but i never answered and the door was locked so she whent away then i was stareing at the light as it changed colors every so often and just histaricly laughing at it i could stop laughing it was the best night of my life i thought that was going to be about it boy was a wrong i decied to go into the kitchen and get a drink of water i walked into the kitchen stagering to the sink i managed to get a glass and fill it up then as i was drinking i heard this noise that startled me i looked over and there was the toaster dancing on the counter this was th point where i said wtf and shook my head to make it go away then my silver ware draw poped open and the silver got up and started dancing to thats about the point where i left the kitchen it was to much for me i whent in and berly could type and said to the chat im going to sit on my couch and when i whent over to sit on my couch i missed it and hit the floor and banged my knee it hurt a bit so i closed my eyes and when i awoke i was in a forest and every thing was big compaired to me it was if i had fell asleep and had been transported to another world anyway i decied to walk around a bit and i came around a bend and stumbled apon a small little village made out of red mushrooms i was like hmm i want to explore i came into the village and thats about the time i heard a voice the voice said hello it had like a helium type voice and i turned and there was papa smerf i was like omg wtf was happening to me then it was all gone everything my body my house the smerf village this was about the point that i got scared because i couldnt hear anything see anything just darkness then i started to wonder if i would ever get out from then on i dont remeber much but tiny fragments i remeber hearing my girl friend aleshas voice and i stared to say where am i go away and then i just blacked out and i awoke on the floor half naked feeling very weird tired and thursty and i had a mild stomach ache i could bearly walk i was so weak so i whent to my bed and tryed to sleep but every time i tryed to close my eyes i would see wierd visuals behind my eye lids so i decied to try and chat i was seprized that i could type but i could and i chated for awile and then got tired and tryed to sleep tosing and turning in my bed for about a hour then i finaly drifted off to sleep then i awoke this moring with a slight head ache and was very weak i whent and ate some scones for breakfast and then took some asprin after that i felt alittle better then i came back on to chat and tell every one about the weirdest night of my life

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