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1st time with salvia 10x

Well, I took 2 and 1/2 massive tokes out of a pipe.

Well, I took 2 and 1/2 massive tokes out of a pipe. At the time I was well seasoned in the realm of high dose acid and mushrooms but nothing like this diviner's herb. After this all I needed was the natural leaf+ a little sublingualy.
What followed was the shortest lasting but one of the most profound and life changeing experience If ever had as it changed all trips that followed reguardless of the hallucinogen used..
I felt it strongly the first 10seconds after the first hit, but I kept smokeing instantly. The oxygen deprivation helped me along for shure.
I hate to put it simply but I cant even describe the intriquet qualities of this substance. I think it is one of the strangest and hardest to put into words,(go figure its a diterpine not an alkaloid).
After all was inhaled i thought,"well it cant get any more intense than this", yet I thought this many times within seconds(time dialation) whilst trying to be scientific about it rather than expecting to plunge in head first.
I became frightened in a more, instantly selfless and primal way, my heart rate was extreemely fast once I knew where I was going (cognatively), but it was more like my body was talking to my mind because I knew within my only remenence of self that I shouldnt be scared. The nature of the drug was very speedy (mental or physical)as is any intense dose of any psychadelic, so I rolled with the punches. I thought, well if any one could die on salvia I would be the first, so I said to it, lets get it on, as further I set the controls for the heart of the experience.
Visuals attacked me from my peripheral vision as well as spiraling outward from the center. I was at home with it cause I was ready to just pass out or die although neither were likely. I sat still, up into a meditative position, (not common for me to do without thinking about it), And saw the visual/audio sound palete archetype. It was accoumpanied by a vision so real that I held on to it ever after.
The vision was of my heart and brain but mostly my heart as a center for its activity. Not like any concept of a soal I had ever imagined. My self was far gone at this point as well as my hand in front of my face had I put it there.
This thing reached out of my body following geometric physical controls and pulled information into me in a totaly uncontrived mannor and then spouted it back out much like veins and arteries only to follow another unforseen protocal of observing my, thus further effected physical existance through the same pattern at a pace that seemed to eventually amount to a "hundred" evolutions within min's.....
This thing was sucking at something and I know this was not my physical body. It was infact the only concept of soal that exists experientially as I was helpless, ready and indeed selfless at the time. Most interestingly it all shot out through my center or torso. If I hadnt just been in my room alone, I wouldnt be surprized if other even more increadible things could have happened to me.
after the peak, I theorized about Dna as it may act directly on cognition, and if so, it may be the lifeline to things outside the body experientialy. I experienced all of my surroundings with a means that I did not control. It was like the ever-evolving programer of consciousness as it intertwines interspecialy as well as outside of the species and body. I learned so much. But unlike many hallucinogens, I could bring little back with me.
All I know for shure is this shit is more easily misused than anything else cause it lasts such a short period of time, and thus can be misunderstood yet you trip very hard. Its a wild card, yet it is one that can certainly change your perceptions there after.
The ideas I had as to why it happened this way for me when I had no expectations besides freinds telling me it creeps all over your skin and then busts loose. Why is it so physical and obviouse as to why why dont I say what I really mean. I guess its like asking why does the primordial walking-stick further apply its surroundings in a logical mannor although it is not consciouse. Why Is there a beetle that has a stomach that can hold extreem (defensive) acids yet it would take man a long time to logically figure out how the materials work. Why is dna so smart.
All I can bring back, is that I think consciousness can see these processes at work, (without giving any strange examples).

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