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1st time level 5

About a month ago, me and a friend bought two 1/4 sacs of shrooms.

About a month ago, me and a friend bought two 1/4 sacs of shrooms. I had never done anything but weed, but my friend had done heroin and all kinds of other shit. We bought the shit at about 8:00-8:30, and bouth immediately ate 2 shroomies. We then preceded to his house and ate 1 more each, and drank some water to speed up the effects. A friend called and we headed to her house, to share some of the wealth. We got there and gave her about 2 shrooms from each of us, and I finished my sac, and then smoked some ganja. My friend ate about 2 more shrooms, then set the bag down and fell asleep outside on the dirt. So we nabbed the rest of his bag while he was sleeping. All in all, I did about 5/16ths 11:30 my friends mom came and picked us up, while he was already coming down, and hadn't even started. In the car I started laughing and giggling uncontrollably, and his mom asked my why and I tried to say "I was thinking about something we were watching on TV earlier" But it came out like "We were watching the radio on the nintendo VCR." His mom just kinda smiled and kept driving. Anyways I got home and my mom had just gotten home right as I started to see visuals, like smoke and big bugs crawling on the ground. I was still giggly, and she noticed, and I told her I had been smoking bud, but that was it. She beleived me, got a little mad and went to bed. I layed in my bed and right then the trip peaked. The room had doors in the ceiling, and I thought I had my stereo on, but I was just tripping. Then I kind of blacked out. I was concious, my eyes were open and shit, but all I could see was this giant ass frog, sitting an a green lawn with mushrooms, with a red sky on the background. Every once in a while the frog would smile and take a hit off the most beautiful pipe I've ever seen in my life. Nothing else happened. Just the frog. I was in a different friggin world. It was great. Then I started to come down , just a little, the walls were covered with all this funky shit, and these little dark green devils with no features. started attacking me. I freaked and screamed, soo my mom came in, and couldn't even friggin talk, so I got caught, wich will bring you down faster than anything. I don't know what kind of shrooms they were, but my friend weighed about 250 lbs., and I only weigh about 115-120, and he had a level 4 trip, off half a bag.

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