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10 years ago

This is really cool to be able to provide a report and no one knows who I am.

This is really cool to be able to provide a report and no one knows who I am. Okay, I will give ya one of my best, only one of many. After about 10 times shrooming, two friends and I ate together in 1989 in Central California. We also ate some italian food right after since my friend Shawns Mom insisted and she had no idea what we were up to. Well, about an hour later we were pissed off, convinced that the shrooms were bad or that the food offset them, and myself, Sean and Jim went to the park to take a walk and smoke some weed. Well we walked for about a mile, over a bridge next to a creek and then all of the sudden all three of us started laughing our asses off because we could not believe how this TREE had fallen over the creek. It had been there for a while but on our trip it suddenly became very interesting. We laughed for hours looking at it, then ended up running back to the car because the trees were closing in on us. We were very scared driving back because all of the green lights were now blue and they had beards. If anyone enjoys this or if it is published, I have a few more.

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