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Full Moon Trip

We'll start off with a little of my mushroom history.

We'll start off with a little of my mushroom history. I've been interested in psychedelic mushrooms for at least 3 years now, and this was my first "real" trip. I made sure I read tons of reports through this time, and learned a lot about them in general. I've tripped twice before, the first time, nothing really happened except for my speaker wabbling, the second time got better with my wood floor turning to liquid, and this time I had a level 2 or 3, but no closed eye visuals (didn't really try actually). In summary, I got the motivation to grow mushrooms and bought some Australian cubensis spores at the beginning of last summer. We made 8 cakes, and only 1 produced one pin (NOT GOOD TO CAKE AUSSIES). This cake was contaminated anyway. We had two extra cakes that were not fully colonized at the time, so we decided to case. Surprisingly it worked. These cakes were over 2.5 months old.

We picked a few on a Friday afternoon and ate them to test the potency (So I guess you could say I've tripped 4 times). We just ate a few mushrooms each, to see what would happen. I noticed that a rug in my house was moving, along with the wood floor again, so this was a good sign. We harvested a big batch the next day, a paper plate full of 4 or 5 large ones, and many little ones (biggest on being 4 inches) and ate all of those, including a few 1 or 2 inch pins in the terrarium. I have no idea how much was on the plate (in grams). We just knew it looked good. J

Dosed, ready to go. We slapped them down with orange juice. I actually like the taste of cubensis, it really doesn't bother me at all. My friend on the other hand couldn't really stand it. We sat around waiting, and later went up to my room to play some psychedelic trance music (if you know what I'm talking about, we listened to some of the new Noosphere album on Twisted Records, and the new Burning Man disk on Ceiba Records, the Space Tribe track is excellent). The body buzz started to come on about 30 minutes afterward, and I started noticing small effects (i.e. my windows were moving a bit, and started seeing things out of the corner of my eye). We went back down stairs and chatted for a few minutes, then decided to go outside to sit on the front porch and chat. This was really cool, the mushrooms were starting to take hold and the bricks looked like sponges when I would blink my eyes, they'd get big, then small, exactly like a sponge. Then, I would stare the several layers of stairs, and they became one in a plane, VERY weird. It looked perfectly flat and like I could walk on it, but I obviously knew better….so I just stared at it. The neat part about it is that I could make this happen anytime I wanted to. We then got the bright idea to walk to the EZ Mart and get something to snack on, this is only 10 minutes away, or less, so we took the long way through the neighborhood. There was a HUGE full moon that night, and there were gigantic cumulous night clouds covering it up, we knew once they moved on, it would be a kick ass experience. As we walked down the street, it seemed like the road was a tread mill, and we were making everything move (hard to explain). We walked down, and somehow gave power for all movement around us. The clouds seemed to move SO FAST, and we could see many layers of them (hard to explain again). We would look at clouds, and see many layers of movement, swirling, and all moving rapidly past us. We would get side tracked and just be standing in the middle of the road staring at the bright clouds, until a car would come and bring as back to our senses (for a little while). When I would look at the ground, it looked like I was going 3 times as fast I was walking, the ground just seemed to move underneath me. We finally got to the EZ Mart and I knew that this place was going to be super strange. For one, this place was so bright, and two, there were too many things in there for us to get distracted by. We both walked in and headed back to the drink section. I told my friend not even to look at the floor, cause we'd be here for hours. I couldn't look at it at all, it just looked transparent and would start to move. I then got a cherry slushy (J) and I paid while my friend was still looking around. The big Indian worker said "$1.06", so I opened my wallet, and found it really difficult to count, and noticed that my two one dollar bills seemed to multiply, this was crazy. For a second, I had three, no, I had two, what did I have? I said "Hey, give me six cents" to my friend….he pulled out his change and said "Take the dime"…and I laughed and said "How about just those six cents??"….he laughed and said "That's cause there's only 5 there". I laughed in amazement and took the dime before we got too obvious. I got my change and handed my friend back more pennies, and they started talking about the new quarter that was released, the Connecticut one. I have no idea what else was said, and we walked back home. We spent even longer this time getting back to the house, and when we got to the place where the moon was shining, the clouds had just moved completely out of the way for a second, and the full moon blasted through, it was SO bright, like the freakin' sun, it seemed almost like day for a second. Once again, this is very hard to explain in words. We got back to my driveway and decided to sit down and wait for the clouds to move away so we could see the full moon in action. When it was getting close to being fully revealed, we got really psyched up, like we were watching an eclipse or something. As it neared completion, me made noises from astonishment, like small grunts and gasps. It took a while, but finally there were no clouds, and the moon was so incredibly bright, we sat there and made a comment every once in a while just staring in awe. The bright blue ring around the moon formed really neat geometric patters, in the form of stars around it. We didn't like it in the house as much as being outdoors, everything just seemed so open out there, and like energy was free to roam, nothing was closed in. When looking in the clouds, it was like I could see through the universe in clarity, it seemed so "3D". We made jokes about the stars being space ships, because they always looked like they were moving, this was so awesome. I think the clouds were the best part though. Inside, there were lots of neat things as well. My wooden dinner table with strong grain was morphing MAJOR, it looked like rivers going in and out of each other, in perfect fluid motion. Rugs, wood floors and mini blinds were all fun to look at. My other friend came over later that night, and we wanted to ride on the back of his car down to his house (just down the road). We took off like mad running down the road for some reason, and I couldn't stop. It felt so good to run that fast, we were HYSTERICAL. We got on his Jeep, and rode down this huge hill, which was quite awesome when looking at the clouds. We got to his house, and chilled for a while, then things started to rub off. Nothing really happened after that, just normal trippy stuff. We peaked for about an hour I guess, and the trip lasted about 3 or 4 hours total. We will definitely move up a notch next time, now that we know what to expect.

All in all, this trip was absolutely incredible. It was the cleanest feeling high I'd ever felt. I've only done marijuana and alcohol before, but that is nothing compared to mushrooms. Mushrooms just feel so "clean". I don't know, you all that have tripped will understand. It just felt like my body was releasing energy all of the time, and I could feel it going out of my skin, in a very calm and cool manner.

I can't wait for the next flush! Have a wonderful trip everyone!

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