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Well the other day me and my freind (well just call him the Phantom) and me (Ulysses) were gona get some shrooms from our freind.

Well the other day me and my freind (well just call him the Phantom) and me (Ulysses) were gona get some shrooms from our freind. We went over to his house and hes like," you guys can have the rest of my shrooms caus im going to boot camp in a week" so we took all his stash. About 2 lbs of wet cubensis. We went back to my place and were freakin out caus we got all these shrooms for free so we decided to do a shitload. Me being a heavily experienced tripper decided to attempt a pound, my more cautious only took 30 grams. I also have a high tolerance to shrooms so i thought i was ok. we waited about 45 minutes and i started to feel the effects of about a level 2 then about maby 20 minutes later i was at about a level 4. confused and out of it we decided to go on a walk to the forest which was only about a block away. we got there and i was trippin way hard i couldnt bearly walk everything wasnt what i remember anything looking like on this earth it looked like i was in a cartoon. then i turned into a horse and started to run in the cartoon/forest and i fell over and i thought my legs broke off so i laid there screaming but no sound came out. I think i must have had an out of body experience then caus i floated out of my body and into a glorious blue light with streams of electricity. then i became one with the energy and i dissappeared completely and i was just part of the energy flowing through exiestance and i talked to God then (no actual talking took place we were jsut bolth exiestance and we knew) he told me things that there is no human way to translate, the closest thing i can think of is angels carrying me through a land of beautiful harp players and the bliss of a thousand orgasms with wisdom beyond comprehension. i realized that exiestance itself is what it is and time is just a moment locked in eternity but still free for anyone to alter and travel upon. i feel like i got a glimpse of heaven, most people think that it is a garden with human bodies that we know of, its not its a whole new realm of exiestance that no human mind can comprehend (easily)then i turned back into a particle of electricity and went into the brain of myself and triggered reactions and felt them as the electricity and still maintained one-ness with exiestance and God. Then i traveled to another dimension, a dimension back into time when life on earth was just forming and i watched it all the way from a molecule until human exiestance now then i watched humans turn into another for of energy and go to the new realm of exiestance. then i went back into my body and i was throwing up and convulsing violently yet i felt no pain and couldnt stop what i was witnessing i dont know how long i threw up or how long i was gone. after puking i remained in the forest for about 5 hours and finally fell asleep on the forest floor. then i woke up the next day sick as a dog and bearly walked home and slept for 2 days. after that my life will never be the same.

This report doesnt do my trip justice and there is no real way to explain any of this. If you have tripped before you probably already know what i mean. thank you for reading my experience and i will never forget it for eternity. Remember God is real and we are all one forever.

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