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*The craziest day I have ever been through*

Friday night I decided to go to my friend's house to chill.

Friday night I decided to go to my friend's house to chill. When I got there, it was me, Drew, Andrew, Lindsey, and Ben. they had a whole bag full of chocolates. I paid for 1/8 since it was my 1st time really tryin to trip. We went upstairs and ate em but they tasted so dry like shrooms... not as much like chocolate. Washed them down with water and went to smoke up on the deck. Chilled out there for like 30 minutes and these 3 girls showed up who I didn't know. Drew, Andrew, Lindsay, and Ben decided to go on a walk but I decided to chill at the house. 15 minutes later I started giggling because my perception was going completely crazy. I picked up a burnt leaf and stared at it as it got all squiggly and rainbow colored. I got up from the table cuz I couldn't stop laughing and I pulled my sweatshirt hood over my head and pulled my sleeves up. I sat down on like this wooden garden thing and stared at the leaf that I was still holding. I could hear the traffic and it sounded like a cop siren was repeating over and over with the sound of the traffic. I giggled a lot and moved to a log behind Drew's house. I just sat there looking at the trees as they rocketed up and changed shades of light and dark. When I looked down, it looked like there were tiny bugs everywhere. Like the whole woods was crawling with tiny insects. It was amazing. I got up and walked back to the house but the girls were gone and I was all alone. I didn't know what to do and I tried to call Drew but he wouldn't answer his phone. He called me back and I tried to walk towards them but I couldn't remember where I was going or what I was doing. So I stood outside waiting for them to come back. When they got back I was tripping so hard I couldn't even have a conversation. I went on the porch but Ben was tripping me out so hard repeating the same thing over and over. So I went inside and curled up in a ball in the computer room and just stared at the wicker chair as these snakes weaved in and out. I didn't know what I was doing and it felt like I had left my head forever. I couldn't hold a conversation and everythin that came out of my mouth was crap. When Drew got back we went outside and chilled in his car and I stared at a street sign for the longest time. Every time I would look at someone it looked like they had big black holes for eyes and a mouth. It was so unreal. I got out and stared at this bridge that looked like a fairy tale and I thought I was an elf. I walked over and laid in the grass and just stared up at the trees as they melted together and swirled. My friends all asked me if I was alright and I was, so I got up to go on a walk with everyone. Suddenly, a car pulled up and it was my parents. I had told them I was going to a football game but they saw my car in Drew's driveway. I was tripping so hard and I didn't want to stare at them for too long so I acted pissed and told them I would be home at curfew. I turned around to look at Drew's house to see if I was dreaming but when I turned back around they were still there. So, I walked away with Drew and I still couldn't figure out what had just happened. I had been having the best trip ever but it was turning into a bad trip because of being paranoid that they knew. My pupils were so huge like big black holes and I have light blue eyes. It was so obvious I was on drugs. I ended up walking so far and I couldn't see anything. I sat on a mulch hill and stared up at the sky. I started chewing on my sweatshirt strings and I think I ate dirt but I couldn't taste it at all. I could just feel it. We got up and moved to another place where we sat and talked around the circle. Everyone had been talking at the same time because they all wanted to describe what they were feeling, so this worked out so much better. We got a ride back to Drews house from our friend G and I was coming down so hard it sucked. Drove around for like 30 minutes and I had the best high ever. Today was insane. I kept questioning things like how squirrels can run so light and jump so high. My coordination today is fucked, but I've heard it will get better. I'm totally going to do shrooms again. FUCK yEA

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