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tweaty bird/police and driveing :S

I had poped 6 grams of shrooms and snorted 1 gram.

I had poped 6 grams of shrooms and snorted 1 gram. It hit me so fast it was hard to belive i was already trippin with 3 hours nothing was normal as much as i tryed to think i was normal the drugs had took me over thinking i was able to drive..20 mins after driveing i had been pulled over by a police officer who said i wasn't stayin in the middle of the road i explaned that it was my wheel aliment was stright and 10 mins i was standin in a tim hortin parkin lot thats as much as i remeber.. so yur facts about memory loss r very true my trip lasted over 14 hours i couldn't sleep didn't wanna move out of my bed when i finally got home. Oh and inbetween all of this i was sittin in a shack with a couple buddyz when tweaty bird showed up on my friends head dancein i couldn't belive how real it was... oh a fun thing to do on shroomz is to ho GT snow raceing !!! wow wad a rush well... good thing i quit doin drugs!! PS never look in a mirrior or at yur self when u r high !! fucks u up for life!

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