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Best Trip Of My Life

On a saturday night, i managed to get hold of some mexican truffles.

On a saturday night, i managed to get hold of some mexican truffles. i'd done mushrooms quite a few times but never tried truffles. i got to the party at about 8 and it was a bit boring so i thought i'd play a computer game for a bit. resident evil 4. i got really involved and played til midnight. i then thought i'd eat some truffles. now, i dont know how many you need to take but i (stupidly) ate 30 grams. i didnt feel anything for a while and thought they were duds. so i sat in a room and just thought about things. just the usual stuff like family and life. after about half an hour i started to trip a little bit but not much. so i tryed again. then all of a sudden WHAM!!!! i was looking round this room and it was out of the game. i thought i'd try and move about but couldnt. i'd lost all co-ordination. i just sat in this room with the most crazy things happening. pictures talking to me, tasting sound hearing images. i'd never experienced anything like it. this lasted for about 6 hours. it was pure bliss. at times things could've gone bad but i was in such control. out of body experiences rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

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