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BAD Assid Shrooooms

I had these crazy shrooms with acid on thembut I didn't know that there was lsd on them.

I had these crazy shrooms with acid on them

but I didn't know that there was lsd on them.

At the beginning it was great because I was playing

my synthesizor and my friend was playing his

guitar with delay pedal so it really started off

with a crazy CRAZE. It was rad because I made my

other friend play this thunder noise while

I went into the laundry room and it was just way to scary because

the washer just felt like it was alive and observing me.

I was having the time of my life because after awhile we

could barely talk about anything because the reply to

anything said was "what?" because we were that far gone.

Soon after we started tripping hard, my friends mom comes

downstairs and asks what we're doing. It's hard to keep a

straight face talking to someone like that when you're

tripping and it's even harder when you hear someone fart. I

thought I was hearing things but my friend started laughing

about it and MOMMY says "Whats so funny?" He replied "Jake

farted" blaming it on me. I wasnt about to take the fall

for something so wierd so I said it wasnt me. Then a voice

from another room said "OOp sorry, that was me!" It turns

out some dumb bitch thats friends with the kids mom was in

the other room farted loud enough for us to hear! I started

to think that because it was SO wierd it must have been her

pushing a key on my synthesizor that made that sound.

Thankfully they left soon after that.

I was getting really uncomfortable with the bed I was

sitting on and this picture on the wall didnt make any sense

because there were little rock like things that I couldnt

tell if they were supposed to be eyeballs, rocks or just a

design. Then my friend started laughing and says "HAHAHA, I

think im having a bad trip!" Soon after, I started

throwing up but I thought it was quite funny at the

time(this was before I knew shrooms go away about 45 minutes

to an hour after you throw them up). I started to get cold

and more uncomfortable so i got a blanket. I began to feel

like the noise was too much for me, what noise you ask?,

exactly. So I started to get more and more irritated with

the confusion of the whole "what?" thing whenever we were

talking and went into the other room. I was getting a lot

of conflicting emotions and thought I could just sleep the

shit off. So I laid down and could not get comfortable

because my teeth were melting together and I couldnt feel my

heart beat because my hand kept melting into my chest. I

would try to throw up because I kept thinking I had to but

each time I looked into the bucket I would see this spinning

vortex of throw up red plastic. The visuals were too

intense to keep my eyes open but when I closed my eyes I

felt like I was basically leaving my body and floating which

was very unsettling. After realizing how hard I was

tripping I got worried about killing my friends in a drug

crazed crazethon.

I couldn't stop thinking about how I might permanately be

this crazy because it seemed like this HAD to have been too

much strain on the old noggin. I couldn't stand the glow of

the radio lights and the god damn mirror kept shifting into

this long hallway and back. I couldn't believe I was going

to have to feel this horrible (its like the exact opposite

of a good trip x2 and with the CONSTANT feeling of throwing

up)for at least 4 more hours. Then my friend walks in

stomping around like an idiot on mushrooms so I tell him to

"BE QUIET, AND LEAVE!" I started to feel so sick that I was

about to go upstairs and tell his mom I needed to go to the

hospital and get my stomach pumped because "I had a cold" or

something but my friends intercepted me thankfully. I

finally started to come down and calmed down because I think

getting up flushed some crap out of my brain. After awhile

I just felt like I was on a good roll and got over it. All

I can say is it was the worst trip ever and every second

LITERALLY felt as if it was taking a minute and every minute

felt like an hour. I can't even do them anymore because

that trip pretty much fucked my whole perception up.

Although Ive tried to trip at LEAST 8 more times after that,

only one time worked the way it should. The rest I either

threw up (I have tried to eat thrown up ones after I threw

them up) or they made me feel as empty and yet still too

emotionally conflicted for it to be fun. I think everyone

should use shrooms to look at things with a totally

different perspective because its like youll never EVER see

or think the way you would on mushrooms. Be SMART about it though!

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