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Best thing I ever...

This a while back when Houston's shroom season was just starting to pop up.

This a while back when Houston's shroom season was just starting to pop up. We left early and got about 3 quarts of shrooms from what I think is the best pasture around here. We had walked around for about 20-30 minutes just eating everything we picked and the extra almost filled all 3 quart sized bags we had. What happened next was the coolest thing ever. We made over to our friends house and between 3 or 4 of us we destroyed the rest of the evidence.
We were already tripping from being out in the feild eating them and after 30-45 minutes everyone was tripping. We couldn't keep track of time cause we couldn't understand how time worked. That was weird. We were really confused about everthing. I couldn't even tie my shoes.
We laid on my friends bed and we all were in awe from some weird thing that was happening between the ceiling and the ceiling fan. Her ceiling looked like three layers of texture all moving differnt directions layered on top of each other. Everything was moving, the walls were moving like water in a balloon and the ceiling was moving and we were going crazy. We couldn't stand it so we went outside and on a bright sunny day that was bad. As soon as we went out there we were like vampires burning up in the sun. The light was so bright it was undescribable. seriously it hurt bad. We sat under her porch and the ceiling had yellow and green and brown mold all over it and it looked like it was running off like slow moving liquid slime.
We just sat there for like... a while who knose? Then we had to go cause "the parents" were coming home so we went to my favorite townhomes where a billion people always are and that was weird. To us it seemed like we were all tripping togather, they were followin gus and we were just standing in the middle of the street for a long time. Trying to get in the gate for the pool was hard cause it was hard to function. Then it happened...
Someone threw a cup cake on me and I nearly died. seriously I was wigging out bad over having cupcake icing on me. I was wiping and bitching and going crazy cause it felt weird to have it on me... it sucked bad. Then we went and sat on someone back porch..
I was still tripping when I had to go to my job - orientation later that day and I couldn't.. I didn't go.. I went the next wek. =).
Really this was the hartdest I have ever tripped ever in my life and that is the most shrooms I have ever eaten.. This weekend we are gonna have 2 1/2 gallon bas full to make into some of our secret recipee shroom kool-aid.. that's good shit. For like 7 people in my friends apartment that'll be fun..
I couldn't dial a phone either the number buttons were moving. Some liddle kid told me to "go back to the mental hospital" cause I looked really weird. Everything was cool and we could barely even tal;k to each other..

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