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Stuck in Dae-Jhavoo

Ok, hmmmm.

Ok, hmmmm..lets start out by saying, if you ever decide to eat more than 40 shrooms Never eat more stems than you do caps, if you do you will not only trip(the cool part)but you will be fucken paralyzed on your ass making it impossible to move around and do normal shit.

Why you say?? cuz the stems act as muscle relaxers! Now even if you eat 30 some caps and save about half of the stems you will still trip hardcore(being the shrooms are potent)and you can still have a bad trip, but at least you can move around a little to say maybe get somethin to eat to ease your trip if its gettin out of hand.

now how does this relate to me??? well i ate, oh say around 45 whole shrooms(cyanesenz) and some of my friends stems(about 13) and all i can say is, WHOA!..fucken walls shrinkin sucken me in, shit turnin into sand in a funnel, voices tellin me all this scary shit, everything was crystal clear and like 5-dimensional.

the cat came after me on the co

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