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Stuck in a time chasm

ok, so i had 20 bucks and i had just found out that my next door neighbor sold shrooms.

ok, so i had 20 bucks and i had just found out that my next door neighbor sold shrooms. I went to his house and it was just shake, he didn't even measure it or anything, he just gave me what he thought would be a good amount for me n my best friend to take and both trip pretty good. id never done shrooms before, i had absolutely no clue what to expect.

so me n my friend ate the shrooms and long story short, nothing really happened for about 3 hours, then things started to get funny, and we started laughing a lot, then a few hours later the body high went away, and nothing really happened after that. so naturally, i was kinda pissed that i just spent 20 bucks on some rancid shake that didnt even do anything. i decided the next day id talk to my neighbor and tell him to get me the good stuff or give me my 20 bucks back, or something.

so later that night (my friend went home) i was still kinda itchin to do somethign, so i snuck out around 11:30 (about 10 hours after we originally ate the shrooms) and smoked a blunt with my other best friend and one of his friends, who i hadn't met before that night.

It was ok at first, i was pretty high from smokin the blunt and everything was cool, but then i started to realize i was a lot higher than i usually get from just weed, and travis (my friends friend) started talking about some shit about people that get so high theyve never been that high before, and for some reason this scared the shit out of me. For some reason I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. The shrooms him me like a sack of fucking bricks, i didnt even have time to realize i was trippin off shrooms.

So I started panicking, not even realizing what I was on. I started to get images in my head of myself strapped to a hospital bed, like twitching and screaming and stuff, and somehow at the same time I was repeating the same moment over and over again. I was in a different universe, living a different life. I thought I was being punished for something id done in some past life or something, i was stuck in like a time chasm, just existing, without really thinking or feeling.

so i was beyond horrified at this point, i started to get back in touch with the 'real world' and realized i was in my friends car still, i started screaming, asking when time would pass by, screaming for someone to help me and get me out of my own head, back into reality.

i dont really remember what happened after that, but i remember my friend trying to comfort me and telling me everything would be fine. he dropped me off at my house early the next morning, which i dont even remember. and for the entire next day i felt psychotic. i kept questioning what was real and what wasnt. everything felt so meaningless and fake, i felt like just a speck in this giant universe, i felt like my life had absolutely no meaning. i found out later my friend who also ate the shrooms didnt trip out at all, so obviously the weed must have kicked in the shrooms.

after reading over this whole thing again, it doesnt even come close to explaining the horror i felt that night. it sounds really over dramatic, but i can honestly say that i will never be the same, ill always remember that hopeless feeling of being trapped inside of my own head, not able to get out, and the feeling that time wasnt going by and i was just existing without living.

it was beyond words, beyond horrifying, and beyond my own comprehension. and if i were you, and i was reading this same experience, it probably wouldnt keep me from doing shrooms, id just say 'ohh, he just wasnt prepared to deal with it' or something like that (and i wasnt), but all i can say is, if you're planning on doing shrooms and youve never done them before, prepare yourself mentally for it, really think about who you are and be at piece with yourself before you do something like this. take them in a safe place, with people you can trust, like everyone else has said, but most of all, prepare yourself BEFORE you trip, becuase once you start tripping, its gonna be too late to try to calm down and tell yourself 'its just a drug', because its not 'just a drug', it can seriously fuck you up if you're not careful, its way different than any kind of drug ive ever done before, and i wouldnt recommend even trying it if you're unsure at all with yourself.

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