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Full Body Orgasm

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I had my first shroom experience at the age of 27 on dried PC Mexicana purchased at the Head Shop in Amsterdam (highly recommended if you're ever there). Until that time I had tried the usual legal drugs, weed, hash, NO2, and MDMA. I had done my share of binge drinking in college but have since come to consider alcohol in anything other than small doses to be an obnoxious, spiritually worthless, and rather dangerous drug. I know some people love cannabis with a passion, but for some reason it never did much to me except make me sleepy. MDMA is a wonderful experience, but you can tell it's doing harmful things to your overall physiology. I try to use it infrequently and with caution.

Now, for the first-time shroom experience:

I was meeting my friends for dinner that night. My friend had already dosed and was laughing. I took half of the dose I bought and chewed it very slowly and carefully before swallowing (just like the friendly middle-aged dude at the Head Shop had told me to). I didn't find the taste as unpleasant as I had heard it was; I rather liked it, actually.

We went to Burger King to eat. Not the best food in the world, but a clean Burger King is an interesting place to trip, let me tell you. About halfway through the meal the colors became more pronounced and the lights seemed to be slowly getting brighter and darker. I finished off the rest of the dose and started enjoying the trip. My friends face, especially his lips, turned a bright pink color. We just sat there laughing at each other for no reason. Suddenly a guy came out of nowhere asking to take our picture (for a fee, of course). We said no thanks. My friend said, "Where the hell did that guy come from?" He was looking in the general direction but hadn't seen the guy coming. It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air. He kept repeated, "Where the fuck did he come from? It's so strange! Where the fuck did he come from?" We nearly fell off our chairs laughing at the whole thing. I don't think I've laughed that hard in my whole life.

For some reason I kept thinking I was in Sweden. I've never been to Sweden, but everything around me seemed to be saying "Sweden, Sweden, Sweden." The green, orange, blue, yellow, and red colors of the Burger King grew even more intense. The yellows were especially strong, as were the blues. I don't know, maybe I was reminded of the Swedish flag.

We went outside to walk around. A third friend was with us, real straight-laced guy, he wasn't tripping. Nothing has ever looked so beautiful to me as the lights of Amsterdam did that evening. As the effects of the shrooms started to come on full-force, I started getting all sorts of echoes and auditory hallucinations. There was a vintage early-70's yellow taxi cab (only one) driving around the area, but we kept seeing it wherever we went. We were convinced that it was following us.

One of the best parts, however, was the physical sensations. It felt as if I was getting a very warm deep tissue massage throughout the muscles of my upper body. There were warm puslations throughout the muscles, feeling something like a long, slow, drawn-out orgasm, except transplanted from the genitals to the upper body.

As a writer and musician I found the experience to be incredibly valuable. I thought about all of the friends I knew who would just love the experience. "Everybody's gotta try this!" I kept repeating over and over. "Everybody's gotta try this!" When I considered the possibility that the effects would wear off in time I began to feel a bit down, but I lifted myself back up with the realization that I could just get more.

I realized that night that I had found my drug of choice for the rest of my life. I've tried Acid since then, but I still feel that way. For me, at least, this variety of shroom is like a combination of the best parts of Acid and MDMA with a big dose of hilarity thrown in and with no side effects or hangover. I look forward to experiencing the other species.

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