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The power of our planet...

I am here to document my one and only trip that I had in my life.

I am here to document my one and only trip that I had in my life. It was back when I was attending college in 1990. I am classifying the "overall" experience as a level 4 but during the trip, had 2 "moments" that can be classified as level 5. It is the level 5 experiences that I would like to share here now. My trip took place at night.

The first “level 5” happened shortly after I had lost all conscious control of my senses and perception. Granted I still was aware of where I was and whom I was but I was in a state of being out of control of my mind. Something though pulled me out of this state. I was at one moment sitting on the grass and my "attention" was grabbed by a tiny caterpillar on one of the blades of grass. My loss of control had immediately ceased and I was communicating on a spiritual level with this being. We tuned into one another being extremely overjoyed that we in fact could communicate. The caterpillar was so overjoyed and excited to see a human being in a state that it is perpetually is in constantly. I extended my finger and the caterpillar gently hoped on and we were in total spiritual connection for about twenty minutes.

The next “level 5” occurred shortly after when I was standing in the middle of the intramural sports field on campus. It was drizzling rain slightly and there were many dark and fast moving clouds in the sky. As I focused my spirit up to the sky, I was able to feel and tune in to the incredible power and intelligence of the earth's atmosphere - so much so that I was able to understand - spiritually understand - the forces of power that Moses was able to harness that allowed him to part the red sea so many thousands of years ago. The power was incredible.

I recommend anyone who trips to use it for reasons to expand your spiritual connection with the natural world and the universe - because from my one and only experience - that is what I believe is the sacred mushroom's purpose here on earth. It is a sacred and precious gift and should be revered and respected highly. I long to someday have that power reveled to me again.

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