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Religious experience

I ate a little more than an eighth of shrooms at about 11:30 pm, half hour before Easter officially began.

I ate a little more than an eighth of shrooms at about 11:30 pm, half hour before Easter officially began. It consisted of about 4 medium sized caps and some stems. I was with 2 other friends, one friend ate only a small cap, and one hit of mild acid. The other friend just took on hit of Ecstasy. It was funny how we were all on different drugs. I’ve only done shrooms maybe 2 or 3 times before this.

We went to a small dance club called The Metro Lounge, in New Jersey (I live about 10 minutes from New York City). Got to the club and everything was nice. After about an hour I felt the effects. This club is small but the lights, lasers, and music are amazing. I just started to dance like a madman. When I felt the peak coming I took 2 hits of Ecstasy.

At this time I was only feeling the effects of the shrooms. I was in the middle of the dance floor and the fast strobe lights created the effect that time was slowing down. It felt great. It was the weirdest feeling because as the music's speed didn't change, what I was seeing was slowing down so my equilibrium was getting screwed up. Everything was flowing in and out and I had this feeling of being on a big huge fluffy cloud. As if I fell down I would just bounce back up and not get hurt.

During the peak I couldn't stand so I sat down on the couch and conversed with my friends. The friend who took the acid said he was having the greatest trip of his life and I told him so was I (I've taken acid many times and shrooms a couple when I could get them). My other friend was mad that he wasn't feeling the effects of the E yet. I knew they were good and just told him to hold on, it will hit. After about a half hour of peaking on the couch I had to get up and dance

On the floor I felt as if I was the only one there that mattered. Then all of a sudden I had this strong feeling of satisfaction with myself. I was totally comfortable where I was in life mentally, financially etc. Even though I'm pretty confident with myself I felt about 100 times more and was dancing with every girl in the place. I loved myself and the people around me.

Then about 3 hours into my trip, in the middle of the dance floor, I realized that I was Jesus Christ! I looked in the mirror and everything was coming together. I was so happy that I figured this out. I'm getting goose bumps just writing about it now. All my past experiences formed into the life of Jesus who came back to walk the earth in my body. I was so sure of this that I was debating to tell my friends or not. I just continued to dance my mind was just so clear. I began talking to the most gorgeous girl there and she seemed to like me. Then I roamed around and found my friends sitting at one of the booths away from the dance floor. They had the hugest smiles on their faces. The one started to feel the E and the other one was tripping his balls off! I sat down and I never felt a bond so close to friends before in my life. I felt as if they were my disciples and I was their leader.

So this whole Jesus thing was coming together even more and more. We went back on the dance floor one last time and a song came on that me and the friend on acid kept listening to that week. Everything was falling into place. Life was being good to me. I really felt like God was with me, and I'm not religious at all.

The place was closing down so I had one last word with the girl, she told me where they usually hang out and I gave her my number. I told my friends that we couldn't end the night, it was only 3am. I said that I had 2 eighths of shrooms left, 3 hits of E, and one hit of acid at my house. We are going to eat it all and go to the city (New York). We got my friends van and I drove it. I was probably the highest but my mind was so clear that I felt like I could do anything. I was in control of everything. I was still Jesus Christ!

I got to my house to change and got the stuff. I left them sitting in the van for like 20 minutes as I stood in front of the mirror naked just looking at myself and admiring how I shaped my body over the past 8 years and how I look better than any of my friends who use roids which I never did. Anyway, I got back to the van and divided up all the stuff. We all ate a little less than an eighth each, one hit of E, and a third hit of acid. While we were dividing the shrooms and stuff up I it felt ritualistic and right. It felt as if we were doing something good.

I told them my secret that I was Jesus and they all agreed. The one on acid thought he was the devil all night and loved it. We then drove off to the city where we went to the Sound Factory and had an incredible time. I never had such a religious, spiritual experience like this ever and I thank the shrooms for bringing it to me. For some reason as I think back, I really do think that Christ was in me for those 2 or so hours. It is a feeling that I will never forget and I think it has changed me for the better.

It all makes sense to me how it all happened on Easter. I got home around 8am and didn’t sleep. I went to church that morning with my Mom and my two 15 year old nephews. She was so happy. I haven’t been to church in like 8 years. I had to go. At this time I wasn’t Jesus anymore but I felt so close to him.

This is what people do this for and I doubt that a tenth of them get to where I was. It took me about 100 trips to get to this level. It makes me wonder why shrooms are illegal. I guess the government doesn’t want us to expand our minds and think. I’m going to grow my own now. I could write so much more about the visuals and feeling I had but that will take too long. I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, but that’s my story. I will never forget it.

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