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The yellow room

This is a report of my first mushroom trip(or first ever trip).

This is a report of my first mushroom trip(or first ever trip). I know for sure i overdosed (for a first-timer). this happened on friday night at about 8:00. i ate 3 cubensis mushrooms from pf which i had grown and dried. after about 20 minutes i was laying on my floor which seemed to be moving in a wave pattern bringen me up and down and it was fun. the walls were brething and spinning and all that fun stuff. i then glanced at my coffee table which turned into a train and was heading towards me but never made it would always start over right before hitting me. i was tellign that too my frend who was babysitting me. he thought it was cool and so did i. i looked at the windows and they looked as if they had been shattered and outside was an aquamarine color and to me my living room filled with water so i got up and was "swimming" around my frend asked what the hell i was doing cause i was making swimming motions. i than heard a helicopter outside and looked out and saw one i saw people around my house and pretended to shoot them it was very fun. i wwent into my kitchen which is normally white and it changed into yellow, bannana yellow as i told my frend it then shrund and turned into a cartoon like place. my frend decided to go out into the office and use my computer i dident want to go but when he left i got scared and went out too. i got out and layed on the floor. i put my arm around our catfood dispenser and talked to it for about an hour. i wasent in my office(mentally) i was out on the street and the cat food thing was a woman. my frend decided to leave and i was just sitting there trying to find him in the office cause i thought he was still there. i soon went back upstairs. on the floor there was a blanket which to me looked and sounded like a dying woman holding a baby that scared me so i told my frend who soon moved the blanket than i saw an arm moving from under my couch. it was weird. i dont remember what happened after for a while but i was up in the bathroom throwing up for a while. i was scared out of my mind cause my reality was not right. i couldent remember anything good i had no idea what time was. i thought i had just imagind taking the mushrooms and i would be fucked up for a long time. life was eternal ther was no death it was truly horrifying to me. my frend sed i kept asking him "what am i?" . than my doorbell rand and i ran down stairs i would move in like 8 foot sistances at a time my memory is back now. it was one of my frneds asking me if i had any papers. i had no clue who he was though and his face was like 3 feet long iwas so scared. i than layed on my couch and watched the clock. it was 10:50 and i knew something was supposed to happen at like 12:00 (my trip would be dode) i dident know what at the time. after that i threw up on the floor and regained my senses around 11:00. it was scary and i learned an important message if youve never done it do not take a lot of mush it can be very scary. happy trips!

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