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messed up shit!

well i dont really know if this is classified as level 4 or 5.

well i dont really know if this is classified as level 4 or 5...but it was pretty fucked up...so i guess i have to choose 5.
It was the second night of a two night run of a phish show in denver. i had gone to the first and had been pretty fucked up, but i couldnt wait for the second night. before i had gotten to the show i had already drank quite a bit and was pretty stoned. when i got there i decided to smoke some more bowles and do some nitrous. i was pretty fucked up by this point in time. it was then that i decided that i wanted to trip shrooms as well considering that it was a phish show and it would be awesome to be on some shrooms. we were in our seats by this time and i started asking the people around me if they had any shrooms for sale. i found some a few rows up and i was soooo excited. i bought a quarter-bag and decided to just eat half. i sat there for awhile...smoking more bowles and got a little mad because i wasnt tripping yet. remember that i was already pretty fucked up and had NO sense of time, so i have no idea how long i actually waited until i ate the rest of the bag. BAD IDEA. it turns out that these would have been awesome mushrooms, if i had only eaten bout 2 grams...but nope, i ate 7 grams, so i was in for a ride. a little while later i still wasnt feeling anything....and the people behind me passed me their pipe...again. as i was taking a hit off of it i became very aware of how badly i was tripping. it was weird...it was like i woke up and become consious that i was frying...usually it gradually comes on for me, but my whole trip came on in an instant. it freaked me out and panic/paranoia set in. by this time i was too far gone to get myself completely out of it. i told my friend i had to get out of there, so we went walking around. i didnt make it too far, and we landed up talking to these hippie people with a booth set up. actually, my friend was talking to them, i was sitting on the ground flippin out. underneath the table there was this guy's gloves and sweater...it kept forming this frog-like creature and i HATED it...i started throwing his clothes all over the place, but it didnt work...no matter what i did it would still come back to form the same creature. people had to have thought i was completely PSYCHO. so my friend started getting pissed at me because she wanted to go into the concert and i was keeping her from it. its not a good thing to act like a bitch when your best friend is horribly fucked up and in the wrong state of mind for that. that sent me further into a bad trip and i decided that she was evil. i started tuning completly into other people, and there vibes...and looking at people's faces, and everyone looked dead. their eyes were gone, faces completely pale. then i decided that there was too much energy in the venue...too many people in too many separate worlds trippin out on their own things. it was too much. to me, 20000 worlds were colliding at one time...this is all occurring when i was having visuals like i had never had visuals before. prior to this i had tripped numerous times, and never had a problem. im a very very visual person...so this trip was absurd in the amounts of visuals. absolutely nothing was normal...everything around me was doing something to a high and fast degree. some parts of this trip are just too hard to explain.(it was also 3 years ago when i was 17, but most of the trip is still clearly visible in my mind...but not all of the details) so my friend finally convinced me to go back to our seats...basically dragging me there, i am quite shocked she got me to move. i made her sit down with me when we got to our seats because there was no way in hell i could stand, move, function...anything. then i completely went somewhere else. the only way to describe it is that my brain was in delay. my friend would be talking to me, and i wouldnt hear her til about 10 minutes after she said whatever it was that she said. then at this 10 minute mark i would respond to whatever she had said to me, and then she would say "jenn, what the fuck are you doing..." and i wouldnt hear this til many minutes later. it keep going round and round in this circle and i couldnt stop it...it was fucked up. after a while i noticed that it was happening, but since i couldnt do anything about it, i just decided to stop talking, since it wasnt helping my situation at all. i went into a different world and got lost into everything that was going on around me. i would shut my eyes and wander through endless very fast changing patterns of color. i couldnt escape my trip/visuals/hallucenations by any means. when phish was playing their last song i felt like i was in a tornado...of music portrayed through color. then there was this big bright light and it started to swirl around, like a tornado...again, my mind went elsewhere. i feel really bad because i do not know how to explain much of what occurred. sorry. but anyway, it was time to leave the show and we walked outside and everything was DARK...then all of a sudden as we had been walking for a little while all of the lights in the parking lot turned on. so my statement was "on my god, they just turned all the lights on..." and my friend nicely told me that the lights had been on since i walked out. this freaked me out again because i have never had the experience of being soooo delayed in time like that. so i land up going home, talking to my parents...only the lord knows how i did that...and then came the thing that seriously fucked me up. i was on the way to the bathroom from my bedroom, which is all the way across the hall, and i had a revalation that i was in a coma in a hospital somewhere and that i was living out the dream that i was having while i was in the coma. i dewelled on this for a very long time. the rest of the night went pretty shitty. bad visuals(when i say i have visuals, i HAVE visuals...i see things that arent there, ive seen lots of objects do really weird things), my waterbed was attempting to suck me down...but hey, i didnt care cuz it was all a dream...heh, right. it took me about a week to realize that i was still alive, and now, even 3 years later i still question the shit i came up with during that trip. i lost myself in that trip, but i dont know where i really went. i dont think that i explained this very well, but hopefully you can get the jist of it. thanx for listenin!

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