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The Zone

This was my first time ever trippin'.

This was my first time ever trippin'. I've been looking for shrooms forever! and just could never find them. Finaly one day I'm kick'n it at the homie's house and smokin a blunt when this girl walks up and asks if my homie has seen her friend. He said, "No, but do you still have the hook up for shrooms; my friend here is looking for them". She said yeah and when did I want them. I jumped at the chance and said as soon as possible! Then I hit my friend for not tellin' me about a girl who's had shrooms this whole time when he knew that I was desperate. The girl left and came back with a bag in five minutes. I got four eighths for about 100 bucks and split it in half into two baggies. I ecstaticly called this other friend who was in the same boat as I, and told him about my find. He hit the roof! After tellin everybody thanx, I left to meet up with my "shroomin' partner" and had told him to meet me half way at this elementry school.
When I got to the school, I had to wait a few mintues for him to get there so I did the natural thing to do when you wait alone and bored. I sparked a nicely rolled dubee and was pretty high when he showed up. I showed him the bag and he looked like he was gonna faint! We sparked up joint number 2 and started grubbin' on the nastiest pieces of cow shit mold that we could barely stomach.
I read a thing or two on the web about trippin' so I expected the puking that was to come (luckily I never did but my friend did). I knew that we were in for a nice ride, as I have read that a whole eight (especialy when mixed with the bhuda) will FUCK YOU UP! Here we are eating two!
The coming up part was a trip in itself. I'll try to explain it in order. The first part was the dissapointment. After about a 45 mintues, nothing had happened. I thought that maybe the shrooms were bogus or something. So we sit in wait in nervous anticipation and excitedness. Soon my left arm was going numb. Not in a scary way, more like an incredibly high way. The grass was shifting in and out of lime-green to jungle-green. Everything was getting brighter and brighter and my friend was seeing the same. We both had an incredible bout with laughter, and my friend exclaimed that he was nausious. I just liked to sit and look at things, but he left to throw up in a bush somewhere. I didn't really take notice. An hour after eating shrooms, I was just goin with the flow and waitin' to see what happens next. When my friend returned, he said that he was scared that something bad was going to happen and that he wanted to go home. I said let's go so we walked down the familiar path that leads to both our homes. Wait a minute....Did I say familiar? Not on shrooms! We got lost in our own neighborhood. I thought that I was in a forest, lined with cotages and horses.(???) I didn't recognize street signs or anything. I kinda got nervous about this and wonderred if we'd ever make it home. My friend was incredibly scared and going crazy. He thought that a witch was hiding out in the woods and was staring at him (we live in the inner city of Las Vegas). At first I thought that was funny but then I almost believed him. I started to think that the girl who gave us the shrooms WAS the witch, and she wanted to drug us up and eat us for her dinner while we were delerious and confused. For some odd reason, I thought that my REAL life had been my way of escaping her, but somehow she had managed to trick me and bring me back. The sun was going down and the sky was bright yellow. The ground looked like it was ocean water and we were walking on it. My friend wanted to run but I tried to calm him down. I kinda calmed down because I rememberred that I had eaten shrooms and that this was supposedly normal although scary.
Out of the blue, somebody we recognized showed up. It was a friend from the neiborhood, and this brought both of us back to a funny trip. Her face was distorted, and her nose was on her chest! I don't know what my friend saw but he was laughing hysterically. She said are you guys on drugs or something and this just about made me die. I think I fell on the ground and was rolling with laughter. My friend told her we did shrooms and that we were lost. He asked her how to get back home and she laughed at us. We were on his street. I thought that we had been walking for days and that we were in the next town. She led us to his house and we told her good-bye, then we went in. I was surprised to find that somebody had picked his old house up, and replaced it with this fun house. The walls were tilted and they were breathing. The floor was shaking as it seemed to be giggling. R2 D2 from star wars greeted me as I entered the kitchen. He told me to relax and to make myslef at home. He told me that he was aware of what we had eaten and that he was trippin' too on electromagnetic acid.(???) Then he began to morph and said that he'd be right back, he forgot to put on pants. At that, him and I started to laugh. My friend told me to go look in the mirror and so I got up and left. (apparently this never really happened). As I walked down the hall, a picture frame grabbed me and warned me that what I was about to do might be scary. Then it took off into the living room. I chased after it and was surprised to find my friend stooped over something and panicking. I looked at what it was and was shocked. He was stooped over me! I was dead and I had been a ghost when I left to the hall way. Oh my GOD! what have I done? How would my mom react? I was scared so I tried to find a way back into my body. I found a way in through my ear and woke up. My friend was screaming at me to wake up. When I did, he told me that I had passed out for two days after talkin to a little man in the sink who sent me on a trip to his hall way and that he didn't know what to do. I brushed it off because my mind was set on a new trip. The bananas in his kitchen were dancing and singing and I felt happy again. I went to go dance with them but I was stopped by R2 D2. He told me to forgive him for leaving me like that and that if I ever needed him he'd be in the kitchen watching cartoons. I am in a cartoon! Then I went to the living room to lay down on the coutch. All I did there was think about the universe and how I was made deep in a star where the atoms that make me were fused together. I am the universe I thought. I had I mild feeling of melting into the coutch that so many people describe. Then the trip started to wear off (about ten years later) and my friend was getting back to normal again. We both sat and talked about our trips while the floor was still moving about and my friends voice almost resembled mickey mouse (not in real life). We found out how much our trips were in common, and how they were different. He pointed out patterns on the wall that I couldn't see. We were coming down but I felt totaly refreshed and energetic. I thought I could take on the world or something.
Four words: SHROOMS ARE THE SHIT! If I ever see that girl again I'll be sure to get some. I saw R2 D2 again and realized that he was just the kitchen trash can. What a trip, get some if you can!

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