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the decision

know to start off, im somewhat of a mushroom head, an have done them atleast 35 times, every time (excluding my first time), i take four grams.

know to start off, im somewhat of a mushroom head, an have done them atleast 35 times, every time (excluding my first time), i take four grams. The last time i dropped, i again took four grams. I had been waiting four weeks for mush to come into season, and finnally they arived, me an a guy who i didnt trust doing mush with got a bag, three g s for him, an 4 g s for me. we whent to a mall an he dropped his shit, an i pretended to drop mine in the bathroom,not wantig to be around buddy on the mush, he got really fucked up an i had to calm him down, (he was unexpeirianced in the trippin feild), anyway i ditched his sorry ass for a small party, wit some budys. When i got there i decided to roll a fatty, from a two chop that i purchased of the same dude who sold me the shrooms. So i whent into my other buddys bathroom to roll the fatty, my friends were wondering why i was in the bathroom when the house was empty, so i told them i was taking a shit to although i wuz goin to chow my mush after i rolled a couple dubies,(in my experiance of drug use, an mixtures, pot and shrooms are definatly the funest combination, its so fun to smoke weed when your trippin). Anyway igot a problem trying to roll dubies on mush, so i rolled up all my shit, an then brought out my bag-o-caps,youve never seen a bag like this. Usually you might get caps or stems, but this shit was four g's of dark gold caps, with black spores, an no stems. So ignoring my hangover, from a disgusting bull max 40 from the night before i ate a few caps, usually i can stand the taste of mushrooms but this shti was fucking putrid tasting, so i whent to the sink for some water, an noticed my buddy had a water fountain in his bathroom, which i found kinda coincidential for my situation, so i washed the rest of my bag down,as soon as i was finished, i knew something was wrong, it just felt like i ate way to much for some reason, but i just tried to relax. I left the bathroom and sparked up a dubie in my buddys backyard, an passed it around my friends, we were siting on a trampoline. AN when the joint was finishe my buds went inside an i stayed laying down on the trampoline staring at the clowds, and then i started to trip, the clowds were going from a miner visiual to a an amazingly intense hallucination in the mater of seconds, usually mush takes a long time to kick in but ten minutes after dropping these mush, i thought i was peaked,seeing heaven in the clowds made me think i was peaked any way, i was wrong. I just kept getting higher and higher, i didnt know what was going on every object, anythink i focused my eyes on would turn into a sort of spiral, it would twist around and pop, or melt, i told my buddys i had to go home, i was just to fucked up to be around anyone, so i walked home, when i got there i whent straight down to my room for i didnt whant my mom to see me in this state,dont get me wrong ,she knows i do mush all the time, but this time was different,i couldnt be around anybody, i was completely restless on my couch in my roomhallucinating like crazy,and not just your ordinary, goofy phsycidelic hallucinations, but people, ghosts and spirits apearing and vanishing whenever i move my eyes, i heard so many voices clear as day, although i couldnt make out what they were saying cause it was like a hundred people having all kinds of different conversations at once, above my couch i started trippin on this phsycadelic flag tribute to jim morrison wit a skeleton on top of a hole bunch of mixed colors, under the skeleton it says, "what a short great trip it was"
when i read it i became incredibally weak, and could feel my spirit, coming out of my body, i thought i was dieing, in fact i couldve very well had been diyng, and i started thinking about life and if its worth it, and if i should just lay there an dye. bye that point i was peaked an looking forward to dieing, cause in that state i thought it would just be another trip, then all of the sudden out of nowere i start geting visions of all my loved ones, that i totally had forgatten even exsisted, and i decided to fight the death, i felt so weak, as i walked up stairs to ask my mom for help, i told her i had eaten to many mushrooms, and that i dont know what to do, i was so confused, she just told me to chill and come watch a movie with her, i agreed and we watche joan of arc (i definetally advise you watch this movie on mushrooms), after the movie i was coming down, and feeling good, so me an my mom smoked a joint and i told her about the whole think, including the choice god gave me to live or die,which has strongly helped me appreciate life a hole hell of alot more
peace all,

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