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Uhm.. wtf? Booyah...

I woke up on Saturday afternoon feeling really good, because I had 9 good hours of sleep the night before.

I woke up on Saturday afternoon feeling really good, because I had 9 good hours of sleep the night before. I felt even better because 2 of my friends and I made plans to take some mushrooms today. I was really excited. This would be my first time shrooming.

It was about 1:30 P.M. My friends had just come over with a quarter of shrooms. My friend, Chris said the 3 of us were going to split the quarter evenly. I thought that wouldn't be enough to get all of us messed up, because I've heard stories from this guy that said he's taken a little over an eighth by himself, and that only got him semi-fucked up. I didn't care though. I wanted to experience it for myself.

I took a sniff of the shrooms, and it literally smelled like shit. I didn't know how the fuck I would be able to chew and swallow this stuff without gagging. We decided to order some pizza to scarf the shrooms down with. I was getting really anxious to eat the shrooms. 45 minutes later, the pizza arrived and we were ready to eat. I stuck some shrooms into the pizza and took a bite. Words cannot describe how terrible it tastes..

Chris tells me to relax, and it may take awhile before they kick in. About 10 minutes later, I felt like I was going to puke.. mainly because I ate so much pizza and drank so much soda to get the taste of shrooms out of my mouth.

I put on a movie to pass the time. Half an hour into it, my other friend Trev tells me he's feeling kind of woozy and light-headed. Josh says he feels it too. I still didn't feel anything, but I sure did have a lot of gas, as I was burping and farting uncontrollably. A couple of minutes later, I felt my heart beat a lot faster, and I became a little light.. sort of a high feeling you get from weed. I got up and felt slightly dizzy. I knew it was starting to hit me. Just like other drugs, it starts very subtly. I felt uncomfortable on my couch, so I lied on the floor and started rolling around. For some reason, Chris thought it was funny as hell and laughed hysterically. I started giggling too.

All of a sudden, this huge rush came over me. I felt like I had popped a roll or something. I was extremely happy and feeling lots of love. For the next hour or so, I was walking around, running up and down the steps, and jumping on my trampoline. I finally stopped and dived into my bed. I had so much energy earlier, but now I feel more relaxed.. feeling really peaceful. I told my friends that it feels just like taking Ecstasy; Trev agreed with me. Chris says he feels more like he's drunk. I also noticed I had to piss a lot.. and then again it's probably from all the soda and water I drank.

My friends went into this room in my house with no windows, where it was totally dark. They cracked some glowsticks, put on some trance music, and was playing around with a strobe light. Chris wouldn't stop saying "Oh my god".. Just looking around the dark room gave me goosebumps.. I didn't feel like being be there, so I went outside.

I opened my front door, looked outside, and I have never seen anything so beautiful before in my life. The trees, the grass, the sky looked cool as hell. Everything was so colorful and peaceful looking. My vision seemed to have improved, because the whole neighborhood looked so clear and nice. It was like a totally different world outdoors compared to being inside. I lied down on my driveway for a little bit and stared at the clouds. People tell me you see weird shapes or whatever if you look at the clouds long enough. I didn't see anything.. it was 90 degrees outside, my neighbor came outside and looked over at me, and it seemed as if this truck that was passing by was trying to run me over.. I got a little paranoid, so I ran back inside.

The second I ran through the front door, I see Trev pointing a long gun at me! I freaked out and fell backwards on my ass. Trev and Chris couldnt stopped laughing. Finally I realized it was just my dad's pellet gun, and it wasn't loaded. I didn't think it was very funny, but I laughed anyway. I felt so rushy and powerful. I felt like I could walk up to any big buff dude on the streets and knock his ass out. My 2 buddies were now throwing glow sticks at each other. I just sat there and watched. The trails from the glow sticks looked incredible. Then, I had to go take a piss again.. While I was taking a piss, I noticed my bathroom looked really green. Normally, the light bulb makes the room sort of yellowish white.. but the bathroom walls looked to be an ugly tint of green. I then looked into the mirror, and saw how dilated and glowy my eyes were. It also seemed like I had a lot of zits on my face, even though I didn't. I looked like a friggin demon.

I went back to my living room and put on some music. All 3 of us were lying on the floor staring at my ceiling, not saying a word. The music sounded so weird. Songs that I normally trip/roll to sounded like songs I've never even heard of before. There were echos and background noises that I usually never noticed. I didn't feel like I was rolling anymore.. now it felt like I was on acid. The ceiling looked like it was only 2 feet above me, the floor seemed to tilt a little bit, and the whole room seemed like it was spinning. I finally stood up, and almost lost my balance. I felt like I was drunk. Now I was getting a totally different feeling. I wasn't energetic or happy anymore. Trev said something like he was bored and he wanted to hallucinate already but nothing's happening, and Chris said something too, but I couldn't even hear him. I was a couple of feet away from him, but it seemed like he was talking to me from across the room. I looked at my watch.. it was only 4:00.. time was going so slow..

The drunk feeling was now disappearing, and now I'm feeling like my brain went dead. I felt so messed up. I couldn't talk normally. I couldn't even think straight. Chris and Trev were asking me questions, and I kept answering them with "what?" or "huh?".. My brain felt so fried. If you had asked me what my name was right then and there, I probably couldn't have answered you. Chris thought I was just acting stupid, but I really felt like I was going to die and that the shrooms were gonna cause some permanent brain damage. I started yelling really loud, and my friends just laughed at me. I wanted to kick their asses for being such assholes, but I didn't even have the energy to stand straight. I felt on my face, and it was all wet.. had I been sweating? I didn't even know.. I needed to take a piss again, but I forgot where my bathroom was.. I was getting lost in my own house! Then all of a sudden, the floor was moving all wavy, like water.. and I swear to god I saw a chair start to walk towards me..

Chris and Trev finally started to worry and decided to give me a Xanax to calm me down. I slapped myself and couldn't even feel it. My whole body felt like it wasn't connected to head. I didn't feel like a human being. It was starting to scare me. I just sat there and tried to think logically.. trying to put stuff together, but it was useless, because in a second or two I would forget about what I was just thinking about. There was no sense in me, and I had totally lost my grip on reality. I closed my eyes, and tried to go to sleep. It only made things stranger, cause now I was getting weird flashbacks and seeing all these weird shapes and colors.. I thought it'd be fun, but I just wanted it to stop.. I wanted to die.. if my friends weren't there, I probably would've killed myself..

Finally, half an hour later, the Xanax bar finally kicked in and I was calming down.. The words coming out of my friends' mouthes were finally making sense. I could finally understand what they're saying. I looked at the clock and it was 9:00 already. Where the hell did the time go?.. it was a good thing I had come down though, because my parents were gonna come home in half an hour.. I decided to go to bed, and not think about anything until tomorrow.

I woke up the next morning, feeling pretty good, suprisingly. Even though the shrooms scared the shit out of me, I still had this little feeling inside me that makes me want to do it again.. I guess it all depends on how well you can control yourself, and if the good things outweigh the bad.. Shrooms are fun, and are really intense. They have a lot of different phases, and not all of them are good.. you should never take too many. I know I won't next time.. That's for fuckin sure...

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